feeling a little on the fat making side today, I know I was drinking too much milk again, that stuff is addicting to me, but o it feels so good.

I am just a human sensor, I live my life now, sensing everything, from sounds, vision, food, people and my own thoughts, this I have been aware of but not until I heard it on another lecture on Wonderium in a new course called how to stop overthinking, and as it turns out, some of my overthinking is not that at all, actually most of it is making educated mostly well thought out decisions. and the rest.. POPPYCOCK, yes mind bullshit, fabrications, which can not be stopped by any amount of thinking, they can only be worsened by adding fuel to the fire, the fire is the problem, the internal thoughts may always surface as a warning, but why add fuel to it. She goes on to explain even further.. that for most people they have these negative thoughts 75% of the time, they are normal thinking, evolved or thousands of years to keep us alive. I was thinking how easy it would be for people to use these insecure thoughts to manipulate people, actually it is a premise behind dark Psychology.  We must not try to stuff these thoughts down, these is where it gets a little tricky, what if they are true, they always say, go with your gut.  but but, I know I have found my gut is a liar. and a little fatty too.

I think this can be a nightmare, I mean hashing these thoughts over and over.  so many bad things in the world, bad people and even the “good people” who do bad things.

Somehow we must rise out of this thinking, rise out to the world RISE young skywalker.

I have to admit, these types of feelings have permeated my thinking over the years, and they have kept me from my dreams, which are everchanging as are my thoughts, that is another thing I have to be aware of, my dreams and thoughts will change, my priorities will change, everything changes, I will move forward as a solider of change.

I will  accept that other people may not like what I think or what I believe, I will love them anyway, but not to the point of selling out my integrity, my inner idea of virtue, true or not.

I will care less if they think of me as childlike, I am i love being a happy kid, silly goofy.  the one eyed man lives,  the Native within lives, the Viking shall thrive too, I will still tell the king, he has no pants, even if it gets me hanged.