working in sunny California was a breath of fresh air, since living and working in Alaska for so many years, it had been about 7 years since I had lived there, we moved to Washington State when I was 17 years old. I could dig ditches, demo houses or do whatever work that was put before me, I had been used to working on boats, and at the end to the day, your still on the boat, I do love boats and working on them, but it is something that can be hard, The problems I have had with jobs over the years was lack of a challenge, or jobs not clearly defined, or stagnant, and ended up quitting my Construction job at Bergeson Construction. at that time I was doing carpentry on a limited basis, wanted to learn more, but the job did not progress in that direction. I was living with my brothers in-laws, they owned a sub shop and were an intergyral part of the community, and still are today.

Before I move in at a low rent, I would crash wherever, a few times in their garage in a boat, when your drunk, anywhere to sleep is good, and they were nice enough to offer me a room with low rent.

So I lost my job, and went on a drinking binge, no work, time to play, or drink. I met up with Mike Williams, I knew him from younger days, he lived down the street from the Kings, Gilbert was staying there I think, not sure where Kelly was, I look that up later, It may be about the time, he was riding a motorcycle with a friend on back and crashed, when he tried to avoid hiting some kids in the street, unfortunately his friend did not make it. 🙂

I had known Mike, his real name was George, but I did not know that name, just mike, and I had known him through another friend, Doug Hilton, who ended up killing his wife and comitting suicide, so many sad stories, anyway Mike was also who with me and Doug when we were in on the biggest caper of my life, we jumped a fence at builder emporium and stole a few shopping carts full of power tools, sold some and gave most away, i had no use for power tools

Mike was part Indian, maybe half, not sure, his dad was an Indian and ex-con, his brother was in prison for murder and up for parole, but was also under suspicion for another Murder, a rough crowd, we would all gather at their house and drink all night