we got a plastic kayak at Dicks Sporting goods store, heavy but very safe, Mary first time kayaking, she had fun, our biggest problem was the dogs,  at first, both of them went on my board, all was fine and dandy, until sweet mary got the hang of her kayak, she got too far away, and created some great anxiety for our dog Sophie, who, despite not liking the water, jumped in and swam toward sweet Mary, well, Rhaegar may seem like a big and tough German Shepard, but he loves Sophia, and so he jumps in too, that pretty much summed up the rest of the day, dogs crying and jumping toward Mary, and Rhaegar crying for Sophie, a viscous cycle, we decide next, time not dog, I will take the dogs on my lone trips.

Nice 80 degree weather, the  lake water was nice and cool, kids were jumping off small cliffs, and plenty of people with thier pups on board, paddleboards, canoes, or other craft. nice to get out and enjoy nature, plenty of mallards and other ducks flying around, with some hawks circling above, I thought I saw  turtle, only because around the same area, years before, I had seen one in a pond, when they had drained the lake, I had never seen so many kayaks at the lake, I had two boats and was a regular lake goer, until the kids decided they wanted no part in my adventures, they were growing wings

our bird feeder is a great success, rights in front of my window, love to see the life and birds. FActoid: The Sonoran desert has more wildlife than anywhere but the amazon, at least that is on a sign  at the Lost Dutchman State park