what a Beauty a richard disclaimer, I know my hypocracy knows no bounds

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Ok, so I have to clarify my stinking thinking, after further revew, actually just a hunch, or thoughtfulness? empathy, no not that deep So I was flapping my lips about how  women wearing makeup and all the flash and [...]

Employee Richard, having second thoughts, freedom is not employment

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Slaves. unless your at the top, your a slave bot. sell your soul to be employed. i'm dying inside one day at a time.  the problem, turning blinders on helps, but I would need to be so blind,  that [...]

Saturday saturday, I worked a full weak hahaha funny to self

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My first week went pretty well, a little rocky, and nothing will ever be perfect. there will always be maligners, and hurdles to get through. It is very interesting. I know that I am an outsider, but that has [...]