December 2020

Current post Cancer report 7 years

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I found out that I had cancer after going to a local Primary care provider, it began an adventure I will never forget I was working on the computer one day and noticed a small lump on my neck, it was not sticking out really, but it did not belong, or at least, I knew it was new, it felt like rubber and was the size of on egg. So I went  down to get it examined, they did an localized scan or ultrasound, I left and did not hear back from them, after 2 weeks I decided to see what it was, I was sure it was just cyst, or some other benign malady, like a wart or pimple I made an appointment and went [...]

Post Cancer today

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Post cancer has been a roller coaster ride, the biggest issue is the unknown. The whole medical system  is very money driven, I can get tested a million ways, but if they are not clear with the results it is wasted money, and money is at a premium these days. The medical community does not have any real kind of database that you can check the results of a particular treatment. they sometimes will tell you that this is 75%  effective, but most places do not do that. Even after getting a pet scan in my original diagnoses, they would not say one way or another that I had cancer, I knew, they knew, but it was a dark hole. I still have symptoms that pop up, [...]

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