War or no War

I know that this is a touchy subject, they dance around it all day on the news

We are back in a Vietnam Korea scenario, except we are the funders, our deep pockets, not you and me, our tax funded Government, who it seems can spend billions at the flip of a button.

I am very uncertain today about my future, I always hate filling my tank, it is one of my biggest expenses, Diesel is up to 5 bucks a gallon, I get 9 to 11 per gallon on the streets, 20 on the highway.

Did we get to vote on if we were willing to suffer with fuel and more prices, building prices will go up exponentially. If I dont start this job I have to do soon, I may not be able to, waiting on the New Pinal County Government to issue me a permit.  cites are tightening their permit requirements to feed more money to the “educated elite”  cost is ultimately put back on the customer, not only do they want every screw on the plans, it is also inspected. It is a racket for some communities, like Tempe and now PInal County. The reason? They can hire inexperienced inspectors, which are the worst, they find stupid shit that means nothing to anyone. and have no idea what they are inspecting, most likely someones child, so be nice ;/

back on track, I think we have to do something, but the old saying “cut off your nose, to spite your face” we pick and choose, There are not much reporting on the India citizens and other minorities being discriminated against in Ukraine and Poland,  they make sure they show the scared people. billions, for  a war that can not be won, billions of American weapons to further the killing? do we think we are going to bring putin to his knees, are we 100% sure he cant nuke us?  how about China, I have no confidence in our Political system, after watching the Afghanistan debacle, we left millions in weapons and people behind, was this not a democracy? at least before we left.  how many billions and American lives.

We need Armies, we need soldiers, the world is a scary place.  I think at best this will turn into another Vietnam at worst World War III

there does not seem to be a rational government.   Ukraine is Russia, it is more a civil war.

I really have no clue what will happen.  All of this seems like a master plan, it all is clicking into place, I do not believe this is random acts, perhaps the Mega Rich, or perhaps China and Russia, did we squeeze Russia into this position, just remember Pearl harbor, we created that economical situation where Japan had to attack us.

ok enough of my bullshit, I know nothing, nothing, just like sergeant Shultz from Hogan’s  hero’s