well today for me, I was thinking this pre workout stuff, which is said to burn fat better, than without using it, at least to clinical studies, hard to drink, I was thinking I would guzzle down some rock gut whiskey, not often, but even worse, have you ever drank Mad Dog 20/20, that shit is nasty, we grew up on boonze farm, southern comfort and Michelob beer, at least in SC, we used to go to the local 7/11 and ask strangers to buy us some beer, with our money of course, but it never took longer than a few minutes, crazy huh?

The Marijuana from those days was called “Commercial” it was all sticks and stems,  and it was harsh stuff, and you had to smoke way more than the stuff of today, I was reading this brain doctor that said, if you use Marijuana as a teenager, you are way more inclined to have mental health issues as an adult, suicide, it was crazy bad,  He also says, that besides schizophrenia, marijuana has the worst effects on brain health as far as premature aging. that is bad news, but on the good side, you will enjoy eating poisonous cookies  more, and laugh at stupid shit much easier :/  I do believe he his right, I actually thought eye had found a miracle cure, but I knew my brain was not liking it in my middle area, hippo something campus, but it made me feel so “mellow down easy baby” but the cost is far too great, the thing is, it was great for stress with little side effects, well the side effects food tasted a little better, and I got goooooood sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep, but for me, my brain is much more Important.  But on the flip side, I have even had to forgo eating all the yummy sugary, flour created foods too :/  that has been easy peasy, as my brain health supersedes my food enjoyment, at least for now, perhaps, stress will win again, and I will choose death over food is medicine? hopefully not.

I think now, that we get so much enjoyment and the social interactions around food, that much of our happiness is FOOD, that is so sad 🙁   really think of it, our lives boil down to food happy, or fat dumb and happy, most of the population, go to walmart and count chubby people, and then count thin people. sad sad sad, it is not our fault, we were born sheep and we are still sheep. sure we can choose, but the bad is no ingrained into our psyche by the time we even realize that were fkn doomed.

Oor only hope, some rich doctors selling books online, that are telling you it is ok, to eat their pancakes, because they have little sugar, well I call  bullshit

do you know what the japanese feed their children, seaweed, and health food, who cares about their health more, donuts and candy feeders, or seaweed feeders.

I want to be able to eat seal meat, whale meat, never with this sugar bread laced taste buds, even with my healthy bread and yogurt sweetened with raw honey, that may be a challenge, but if I fasted for 10 days, I would be loving seal meat, and the blubber. I know, well not the seal or whale, but other not so easy to eat foods, now I am eating liver onions and sweet mary’s famous KETO salad and a killer garlic CEasar salad, supreme food, eventually I would like to go 100% organic,or as Elijah says’ OREGONics

ok have to go cut out some concrete today


bbbbbbbbbbbthaats all folks