So when I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer, things happened very fast, after the Pet scan they scheduled a radical neck dissection, this is major surgery, I was prepped and said it would be about an hour, it was all surreal, the last thing I remember was them injecting me, then I awoke to in the recovery room,  I had to pee, I had no Idea what was going 0n, It was almost as a dream, I just remember I had to pee, real bad, and the pressure kept building up. A nurse, i presume was asking me if I was a tough guy, some nonesense like that, and I just remember trying to get her  attention, that I had to pee, I kept reachign down, she adjusted something and I hear a “whoooosh” and all the pressue was gone, my cathedaer was crimped, on purpose? why was she asking me if I was a fighter? have no idea.

I found out that I was in surgery for 8 hrs, why? because they failed to sew me up correctly, at least that is what they say, this was the beginning of my torture. they had to cut me back open, and sew me up again. I WONDER IF THEY HAD NOT TRANQUALIZED ME ENOUGH AND PUT UP A FIGHT, that assumption from the “Nurse additude” but there are good ones and bad ones, as I was to learn in the next few days. I was under medication, and they would pump in some morphine, the main pain ws the tube sticking out of my chest, it was about 1/2″ in diameter and they had to drain it, I was under watch 24/7 anyway they were supposed to drain it every few hours, some would do it with no pain and make sure that i had morphine, some would come yank it and pull without any morphine, that was pure hell, and I was just a sitting duck, I learned they not all good nurses, or doctors, here was the kicker, me sweet Mary was there, this doctor about 80 pounds wet comes up and says, “ok I’m going to take out your drain tube” without warning, she jumps up on my chest and just starts pulling it out. that was the most pain I have ever felt, no morphine nothing, I screamed like I had never screamed, not a shrieking scream, but a man who got his leg blown off. she stopped, but not emotion, like it was a normal occurance. sociopathic doctors are alive and well at the Mayo Clinic. she then game me morphine and it came out painfully, but not torture. I got out and then had to wait before the “treatments” started, I was scheduled with the “team” which included many money making departments. I remember dreading the catheter removal, but that was fairly painless, even done by a student.