This will lead me to the dark side, the side where my mind sees the bad as it is, the truth as I see it at times, my turning a blind eye to it does not blunt the force of racism. To see humans all humans as people, is easy, to believe one genetic homo sapien is as special as all homo sapiens, is a given, but are we all created equal? not really, I mean we are all different, evolving, and changing.

they say we came out of Africa,thousands of years ago, how different are we from that human? not much, but different, at least to some degree, we have evolved to survive. We means all of us humans. we are all part of the plan, we have thrived.  I find it very interesting that the originals, look like the black people of today, they have not changed in appearance. This is interesting considering all the wars and cross breeding of species over time. But the line has changed with the advent of mass transportation, what will the future hold, I see people from genetic distances, who are made for the icy north, living in the hot desert, and visa versa. should we live where we are to thrive? God only knows. My Alaska Native has been bred out of our tribe, at least in my case, well my children are accepting of their unique genetic makeup. how can the grandchildren go around claiming to be indigenous?  it really does not matter, just be a good human. I feel for the Natives that are still  thriving and surviving, how to preserve their genetic makeup, the culture, and he villages. will they be grabbed up in the American slave ship? will they eventually be bred out to extinction?  there is no Indian Country in Alaska, the supreme court outlawed Indian Country in Alaska. I have no tribe, well on paper, perhaps, that is nothing, no village, no home, nothing, just a business that offers nothing but self serving bullshit.  I know my mindset is not one that will bring me the riches that most Americans seek, but only peace of mind. the other half of me, knows that I am also a part of the genetic humans that purchased Alaskan Natives. I am part of the genetic makeup that thrived in the NEW World as Natives were tossed to the side, as wards of the Government. One thing that gets my caw, is when that was not me, that was my ancestors, I DID NOTHING TO YOU, I know we all heard this one, well you sitting with your nice job, not breaking a sweat raking in 5 times what a Native has to do wearing his body and mind out, eating your poisonous foods, because you gave hunting rights and all mineral rights to local governments, to fill our coffers. I wish we had villages, that should be funded by a share of the local and federal taxes, why is that inconceivable, because you need slaves, and if they dont work cheap enough, you bring in slaves from other countries, it is inconceivable that the local Americans be trained to do high paying jobs, or be able to build their own homes. wacko crazy, but this is not just Natives, this is our Country. we are all sheep of the big Corporations the same ones the Government has bailed out many times. cheap food, is killing American families. The illegals flood across our borders to do low paying jobs, while rich schooled, foreigners flood in with visa’s with their phoney degrees taking the easy high dollar jobs.  the slave ship is nothing new, my grandmother, who was not much Native by today’s standards, but was treated as second class, because she had Native blood, has spoken of all these crimes against Alaskan Natives, but we have a help yourself first mentality at the Native leaders level. so be it. it is what it is.