my latest attempt at video funny to self πŸ™‚

I was always proud to be a fisherman, I never even thought of the many generation of fisherman that we came from, I love the Sea, it is my one place in all the world, I do love it best as a land lubber, but them boats, they are such fine nuggets in my mind. I recently saw a cousin looking for a skiff man, I was a skiff man, that is what I mostly did on seiners, but did them all, love the salmon fishing, you get to at least stay near land, love to see the landscapes, the rain, the other boats, the sealife, greatest feeling ever. Me and my son Richard few out to Uganik and I knew then, that was home for me, always will be, always was, not anchorage, Canyon Country or Lynwood adn most certainly not Apache Junction. Sometimes I dream of wining the lottery and buying a seiner in Kodiak, and just fishing in summers, but not having to live off of the proceeds, just traveling around the island, hunting fishing and enjoying the life of a fisherman. I still hope to one day be able to build a small cabin of some kind, to spend summers or parts of summers, but Know that may just be another want, that is never to be. It is like when you buy a lottery ticket, its not the money wasted on the ticket, but the fun in imagining spending the money, the freedom to not be tied to a mortgage and a life of slavery. hahahah I know I am a drama queen.Β  I do wish I could go fishing on a good boat, what is a good boat, well first you have to make money, that is the hardest part. the next part, is the boat dynamics, nobody wants to be living and working with drug addicts or unsavory perverts, I do think of my career,Β  I was a drunk, but not on the boat, but just when we were docked up in town. the other thing i never liked is the family boats, where ma pa and the kdis on the boat, that put you way down the pole, not to mention the whole living withΒ  a couple, that is a big NOl WAY JOSE. the worst thing can be when they go through your shit, some of the people will go through your letters or your wallets, that has happened, not much, but it happens, I never thought much of it, cuz, I had nothing to hide. I am getting a little old too, I am not sure how old Norman was, my dad was 55ish when I fished with him,Β  he seemed to do ok, humping on the lead line.Don used to go full bore with they hydro’s that is best just get it over and get the next set out. yeah, that would be fun on the right boat, but my best bet is buying lottery tickets.Β  I lost my bid to get land in town, so kodiak is lost to me, at least until them lottery tickets come through πŸ™‚