I have this recording of my granny on my phone, she talks of marrying her own kind, this has been something that has been floating around in my brain for quite some time.

My mon married her own kind, my dad was at least part Native, and it turns out Scandinavian & Scottish  too.  they did not last long, well if you ask them, they last a long long time, 10 years, Ive been married over 30 years, wow, that is a grand thing. that someone, anyone could stand me for more than a few years, you know, my longest job, was 2 years, so for me, it is a milestone.

ok I have concocted a conspiracy theory, ok so it is as crazy as old Erik Ollestead. Ok the backdrop is derived from that old hillbilly working at the Alaska Native hospital who said to me, “you know, it takes several generation to get that shit out of your system”, he was referring to my Native bloodline. Not only that, but recently the Aleut museum on kodiak was talking about how in a few generations the native is erased, different wording, but I am old and have a feeble brain, anyway, that is not all, they have a saying in Kodiak, the Native Corporation are just white people collection free this or that, again I ad lib the wording.

This seems to be on the minds of most white people, my dad was at the most 1/4 Native, perhaps less, but he had dark skin and dark hair, I have blondish hair and lighter skin. I am twice as much Native blood as him, anyway, my conspiracy theory is a based on many things over the years, like my Uncle Jim Markey, husband of my blood Aunt Ida Mae Markey, may she rest in peace, anyway, when the Native claims was going on, he refused all his kids their Native stocks, their corporate boondoggle. this is hearsay, from reliable sources.

Now, with some history, The Untied States had a policy on Native Americans “kill the Indian, save the man” which involved in some cases actually killing off Native Americans, or completely removing the existence of culture and lifestyle.  this was the whole theme when the Alaska Native land claims was passed, and the natives were desperate for anything, as they had already been whitewashed into being a sub race of humans. I will try to post a link to my granny and her recording, she talks of a teacher asking the natives to raise their hands,  and even full blooded natives refused, thinking they were white or being so ashamed of being native, that they did not. true story.  the good news, even thought they tried to over populate Alaska with whites and an American voter population, they did not have as much luck in rural Alaska, which was able to keep their Native blood lines intact.  WE WERE TARGETED AS NATIVES TO BE BRED OUT OF EXISTENCE

now this was not always the case, there are few women in Alaska in our history, but one thing is clear, the male bloodlines were overwhelmed by white genes, most of them transient whites from America and Europe, as is the case for both my mom and dads DNA ancestors. was this just breed and sex, there was no birth control, was it a consorted effort, breed them out? the circumstantial evidence points to yes, many a killer has been convicted of less.

So what does that have to do with today? maybe the whole treatment of Natives,  treated as second class, driven our of their villages into the stinking smelly cities.  no hope in the village, the hunting and fishing have been given to any tom dick or harry, that stays for a year in Alaska, this my “friend” is not justice, but just another form of abuse. Not only rewarded with the hunting and fishing, but they also get a permanent fund. any tom dick and harry, and to further exacerbate the situation, criminals imported into the villages and cities.

I have to be honest with you, my dad was mostly white, but he had no problem hating white people, across the board, he knows, he was treated as a Native, so brainwashed, he was paying taxes on Native land, that is another thing my granny mentions in her tape, how the whites were well versed in land deals and titles, while the natives stood by getting pushed aside.

The biggest travesty, we have not village, no communities today, I dont care we have been whitewashed, what is more troubling, we have no lifestyle of Natives, THE RICHEST NATION ON EARTH, ALASKA HAS BEEN RAPED OF RESOURCSES, jobs and privilege’s given to tom dick and harry, but the worst thing is when they make the Natives complicit in their own raping of Alaska, yes, they created these bum fuck corporations, I hear nothing from them but bullshit, bullshit stock dividends, peanuts…. less than peanuts, corruption, and you want to talk about nepotism or dynasties, look at the Native Corporations, I was working at the Native hospital and they had three brothers all working on the crew, all half assed incompetent, there family, was up in the higher chain of command, like they were royalty, the same people, to this day, are at the helm.

Ok this is going on a little longer than expected, lets see if I can close this out, the coup de gra

So with all this, what if the government is actively paying white people to marry Alaska Natives and whitewash them once and for all?  what if all of our Certificate of Indian blood quantums are on file somewhere in some top  secret office, with handlers bent on keeping the the Native movement dead as can be, to keep these natives on the losing end of life.  ok ok, far fetched, but what if? unless we tow the white lie, or white line. are we getting the support of being native, I know you can not change who you love, but this whole Native American thing has been a debacle. I think the only ones that have any benefit are the ones in power, and they have held it for many years.

The rank and file, get no help, we can not start a business with all the perks that they give the select few corporation leaders.  we are meant to be slaves to the system like Ira hayes.

one last rant and conspiracy, they created these great Alaskan Reserves, they say for the bear, and they turned our land into worthless squatter land, ANWR is just a way to save the Alaskan Oil in reserve, and all its precious metals for future American billionaires, the heirs to the American dream.

I am sure I will probably work my self to death, without ever being able to live  a subsistence lifestyle of any kind. yet I am content, but that does not make it right.