Well, so far it is the same thing that happened when Obama was elected, the jobs I am bidding are mostly shysters,  I got one bid to paint a house, which ended up being a complete scam, they even sent a fraudulent down payment, another from a hillbilly who was trying to repair his patio, it was built wrong, and he wanted me to build it wrong again, “he could do it himself, but he wanted to have fun on the lakes” yea right, I told him, his design was flawed and I was not interested.  the list goes on and on. yesterday I get a call about some site work, they had no plan, he had some big ideas, told me I needed a d6, which is a heavy duty machine, blah blah blah. I agreed to see it, the address he  sent was a lot with nobody there. anyway this is the same people, they want something for nothing.  greedy lazy homeowners. or worse cut throat business, people. investors, or as I think of them paper whores.  my rant for today.  well that is free advertising, now to sign up for the 75 dollar leads. the whole deal about trickle down is bullshit too, most of my customers are working Americans, never rich people, maybe better off than me, but not rich. those jobs go to their cronies, and the Native connection a bunch of crap. I just want to build something. and pay bills, not searching a free ride, America land of opportunity for the select few. The rich get richer and we work to a heart attack, or poverty.  I thought about going to work for the Illegan union, but that is full of shit in Arizona, more like the Non-American union for illegals, ass backwards crooks