Yes, for  sure, if you want it to repeat over and over, as it has many time, not only in history, but in life. We must embrace the past, our past and all before us, We are a War like creature, that is the past, there is little peace times, except, when stagnant, under the rule, of another, for instance as the Native American is now, yes it is history, Alaska was purchased lock stock and barrel from the Soviet Union.

Alaskan Natives, served this country and died for this country, yet they are still second class citizens in the minds of the ruling elites. rights to land, they can not use. do you think your abuser is going to all of sudden change? American has been using Native vs Native for ever, and ever. back to the Seminole Wars, the Apache Wars, they will continue to use, Native against Native, with the traitors being touted as against America. Let me share a little secret, well not so secret, my greatest American Hero, is not George Washington, or Abe Lincon, but is Geronimo, he fought till  he could fight not more. that type of fight has sailed, but there is still a fight for many Natives. perhaps that ship has also sailed for my family, as I have been assimilated and my children are all assimilated in the way of “American”

that brings me to my current point, Alaskan Native Allotments for Natives who served in Vietnam, this land too, is slated to be moved from Native to non-Native hands, if not already being moved to the direct descendants of non-Native hands, what is non-Native? the sellers of Native land and treasures, that are meant for future generations. You see in the past, In the American Indian history, they had bequeathed land to Native individuals, and then it was sold, to feed whatever demons that had befallen the poor Natives, perhaps just greed, perhaps the only way to feed their families, but the land changed hands back, just as Our little corporation, had sold for money, which we need to survive in this “society” of theirs, in which, we believe we are a part of.  are we really? My own family is so assimilated that we can not even agree to apply for the Native land, perhaps that was the plan all along, my dad had been applying for my Uncle Freddy, whom died for this country in Vietnam, for a Native Allotment, they waited until he was dead, before granting it, now it is under the family of mostly “White thinking Natives” what do I mean by that, they only think what is good for themselves, and fuck everyone else. My own family is the same, we already lost valuable time,  i I am giving up, I wish i COULD JUST SELL OFF MY NATIVE ONCE AND FOR ALL!! why hang on to something, that is so foreign to all my descendants, they are white as Wonder bread. such a shame, but I can not waste any more time on this or any native issues, well write, my archaic thoughts, of what we are missing, the lifestyle eating naturally, living off the land, maybe not for a lifetime, but for times, to reflect, we are all in a trap, work work work, die die die, that is where it all ends, and for what, work work work.  who can afford to hunt, maybe if were lucky enough for the white man to give us a decent job, but that goes to the ruling families, just look at lisa Murkowski, sheep we are all sheep.  At least Trump was a real asshole, not a pretend to give a rats ass about anything but himself. sheep BAAAAA bAAAAA baaaa