As I watch these birds wondering what kind of lives they have, I wonder why there are not fat birds, too fat to fly? do they know not to overeat? they seem pretty, are we happier, because, we know there lifespans are limited to a few years at best?    does that make us superior, I wonder, o I know there is more to life than laying eggs and then dying, or is there, we are the chosen ones, we think at least until we blow up the planet :/   hahahah had to quip a little.

So I have been working on this being a good person, well at least not letting me be affected by others, or is it effected, or both 🙂

This principle is quite a chore, but I found a new trick, tricky dick, yeah yeah, well here it is, I have been working on meditating, it works pretty good, my idea of meditation is not to think, that is harder than you think :0

I mean, your thinking, dont think, relax your brain, stop and smell the roses, I find it works, even when rollerblading with the dog, it is amusing. slows down time, maybe add ten years to my virtual life span.

O and my newest thingy, well what I am up to now, is a fast, started yesterday, I had been putting it off, as I felt pretty good lately, except after buying some 40 pound dumbbells’, I have since gained a few pounds, up to 180, which is slightly overweight, according to the bmi, but it might be muscle, I think that is heavy enough, makes the 25’s seem like aerobics instead of weights, I can be assured, that is enough, although I would like to get  a few more free weight for my bench press, I think I have maxed out my lifting interest, any heavier, and I will be like just another big dumb muscle head. no offense to all the big dumb muscles heads out there ;}

I’m glad the mask deal is over, well at least on the downhill, still seems like a scam, were we all scammed?

I wonder why they dont have a big panic on all the heart attacks or legal opioid deaths? or the chronic obesity in our society, blood pressure drugs, cholesterol drugs, happy drugs, sure spend a lot of money on drugs, is it all just one big racket?

you know what, I really should thank my neighbor for having such nice giant palm trees,  I really take them for granted, they really are beautiful, and they are in the direction of my favorite Mountain the superstitions!. I guess I should show some appreciation and pull the weeds in my front yard, I have had an inkling to  work on some home maintenance, but it soon passes 🙂 I have to find a gig in the next week or so, but maybe another option.

So all over the place, I have not had much to write about, I know i should journal more, but it takes time and I end up sounding like a blathering fool, but that is ok, cuz, I yam what eye yam.

me with gray beard, I not sure it seems funny to even have a beard, or a partial beard, my hair does not grow, well very slowly and not in the back where I got radiation


I kinda like the whole beard thing, at least I look my age!! the acting part is where I run into trouble :/

here is my latest work, now I have to do some detail work as in elevations, I find it takes me much longer to draft using all the bells and whistles of the newest bestest AutoCad, but it  is fun to learn


Now where wus Eye?

listening to some old time rock and roll, in this day and age, without music, well life would really suck.

So I have been taking the dogs in the mornings, Rhaegar is a beast, he actually knows the trail, and seems to get a little annoyed, when I change our usual path,  when he sees dogs or birds, he takes off like a race horse. Sophia, just goes along for the hell of it, sometimes she hides behind her mommy, sweet mary.

so anyway, started my fast,  so far feel pretty good, lifted today, not feeling tired, been drinking green tee and coffee.  usually the first day it the worst, but it was not bad at all, but i have been intermittent fasting since the last time, maybe longer, if I dont kick the bucket, perhaps I will hit my target weight of 160, then eventually 150, ok that is enough jibber jabber, time to get backs to worky times