I do a lot of whining and complaining about our society and our world, yes it is true, at 58 years, I have seen the light.

I have become a student of history, WAr is our history, it is the history of man

I feel very blessed, that I even have the ability to journal like this, in china, or Russia, I might be thrown into prison, or worse if I was in Syria, I would be tortured and killed. This I know is true.

Most of us are so caught up in just survival, or paying bills mortgage, raising kids, that we never get a chance to “smell the roses” or in my case, analyze the truth.

No matter what country you live in, you are controlled by the Government. no exceptions this is  a fact.

We have great liberties in America, just not equal. we are all on a hamster wheel of sorts. that much is true. most of us are unaware of this, me for years, still am on the wheel.

Russia China are not bad people, they are bad governments, but is ours good? are we really?  they use torture, murder and intimidation to control the population, We use distraction. the truth is that Government does not want you to know the truth, We are not free, we are hostage to the land, where they want you to live, work, to do their bidding, most people that get to the other side, do not live in Apartments, in subdivisions, or even in city limits, NO the smart ones, have their own ranches, they live in the country. the ones that dont, they usually die of cancer, stress or become another evil component of Our ass backwards society. steve jobs comes to mind.  business before all else.

It seems real nice when people have made it to the easy side, how they can espouse any issue they want, while the rest of us, are slaves stuck in traffic, with lazy people, manipulators, all in the name of getting ahead, we are pitted against each other, whether we know it our not, the damn health gurus, hawking everything under the sun, not for your health, but for their pocket, none of them are free, even the famous self-help guru,  Doctor Amen, is a hawker. nothing for free. do a search and the top 5 are all ads, the google search has become a sham, unless your willing to go to page 23 or more, that is if they think your words are relevant, or profitable

Ok, let me get to the point, have you ever taken a flight, do you see how much land is uninhabited? it is vast, but we are all stuffed into these shithole work camp cities, everybody jumping through their ass holes trying to have a place to live. traffic is toxic, it always will be, how do we get this to work for everyone, my solution is to spread out.

One thing that you see  when you fly is farms, these are not family farms, maybe some of them, they have long since driven out the family farm. they are big corporations and what do they grow? food to feed cows. Cows that are toxic food. flour that is toxic.

OK, so I think it is time for a history lesson. my friend

This Lesson is about real freedom, the Gauls, which were defeated by none other than Julius Caesar, the Gauls lived free, they  were not under the confines of any Government, but tribes, communal tribes, for the good of all. like the Native Americans free, real freedom. they were spread out all over the land.

Land is the tool of the rich, it is the control point, it always has been, always will be. Native Americans are “given” land, but only as a token piece, They will starve you out, force you to the cities, we will not let you flourish, I see no communities of Native Americans that flourish, Casinos, yes, but communities, no they want them to beg, wash dishes, construction for cheap.

how to make sense of it all?  I have no Idea, but We can have a better society for all, Markets for all the people good clean meat,  bring back the buffalo, let the Native American thrive. let everyone thrive, quit brining in cheap labor from  other countries and create  a free society, well it will never be free..

let me explain. WE HUMANS are a creature of WAR.  Nuclear Weapons have upped the ante.

Never before has there been a bigger reason to connect as people, and not governments, how? i have no IDEas

last night I watched a 60 min on the ASAD regime and his WAr crimes against his own people. women children all killed with poison gas, and not just that children 14 years old all ages tortured to death.  We will never be a free World, when that can flourish.

this all seems new to us, it is NOT, European and middle east have been in battle forever long before Alexander the GReat and long after. it has always been about land and control.

How to control the people to build cities, never about how to make a good planet. journaling is fun, and pointless, as so many voices know the truth, but more important to survive.

DISTRACTION anyway they can, put you in an easy to distract category, and easier to control.

Ok, my Native American rant, so let me summarize, WE can have a better life, we can all spread out, create healthy culuture and yes, there will always be Central zones, but do we need to be jammed in like rats? are we not any smarter than ants?

my advice to inner city slum livers, whether, black, Asian, or pink polka dotted, if you want a better life, GTFO of that shithole city, project get out, educate your children, get them out of the rat race. move to the county.

I still see the Native dummies, blaming white people, how fucken stupid are you?  You will never get anywhere, never. by blaming white people, or any people, you are no better or smarter than the Nazi’s who blamed Jewish people for their problems, the problem is with YOU

WE the people is the only real power to stop this, the mob must find a way past, individual hate, you are out of focus, The Government is the problem, they control the land, the beans.
how is that we the same old shitty faces, year in and year out?  MONEY, not your MONEY, big business money.

TERM LIMITS, no money from big business or PACS, there has to be a movement of the people, for the people.

WE get trump, pelosi, shumer, and all the other hacks, they are just tools of the rich, MEGA rich, not mildly rich.

I hate to tell you this, but we are in for human rights controls, which we have never seen before, and We the people, will become, we the puppet people, true sheep, and not the good flock either.

I love to rant.

useless, but it makes me feel better.

I know there are good people out there, but nice people finish last, so be it. let it be written, let it be done. from The Ten Commandments

America will only be good, when it has made good to the conquered people of the land

True justice will only be complete, when America takes care of the people of the land. The richest Nation on Earth.