time keeps on ticking,I found a new idea, it is broth, ham hawks, o how to spell hocks, yes… Ham hock, delicious

looks like the presidential race is moving forward, not sure about the new vp pick for Biden, seems smart, have yet to hear here speak, me, I am not making any commitments, until after the debates, so far the left has been toxic for so long, it has wore me down, but on the good side, Pamela, does not seem to be a run of the mill sheepstar, no she was a prosecute who did not prosecute marijuana cases, big plus on that, On the other hand, she refused to seek the death penalty for a murderer, not sure the specifics, but it was a police officer, need to find out, is it just police or did she also refuse for child and women killers rapist? not liking that, hang them high, Justice, and eye for an eye, o on that thought, my latest eye was a waste of plastic, but liking the one I modified, a little small, but not as noticeable as a bulging one. wasted time and dough. life seems very strange, well waiting to hear back from the city of phoenix on my site plan, and almost have these drawing complete. so much work, actually have to figure out how to build it on paper, but it help, when ready. Not to sure about the new yorkers, running the job, buy hopeful, not very but hopeful, lots of work to do for them, no pay no play. its been hot as hell down here, but what is new, the news acts, like that is news, wtf. maybe Ill get some time to work on these pages. O and I must mention or at least plug a show, now I am not a demoncrate or Repugipan, but this cat did this show, it was about why our economy, well not the people are not doing good, and blaming everything from illegals, commies, blame blame blame, but it really is not that, but that should be an issue, I read a book as a youngster and tit holds true today I know my mind is in the gutter today, anyway,it was how the rich control everything, this is and always was rampant. that is the reason I voted for DT, that plus I like his show, it showed he was smart enough to make good decisions, unfortunate,when the people need reassurance, he is quit, like a bird, spouting off is nonsense, political bullshit, maybe he turned into one of them.

Saving Capitalism, you must watch it, It should be mandatory for all the democrat and republic sheep, who post mindless bullshit, The one take I got from it, we are being screwed, all of us, not just the middle class white people, but poor people green people all of us, and I have changed,my stance on the minimum wage, nobody, except college people should have to work for sub-standard pay, that means a carpenter should be getting at least 50 an hour cash, that is what I charge now, but it is what it cost for a company to hire and pay one on commercial projects, but most people want a hard number, which if, I bid the project right is at least double, but at 50 they…. ok wrong page.

these people working at the fast food, cleaning houses, trying to raise families, shoud be paid a living wage, not doubt about it, Our government spends trillions on bullshit. we are all just slaves, work work work, we think we are fee, but try not to pay your rent or mortgage for few months…. yeah, your free to work your ass off.

I know sound like i’m complaining, I am, but there are somethings that are just not right, we are importing jobs into America, while Americans can not afford to live, Americans that want to learn and want to work, just not flipping burgers, I also am aware, that some people are maxed out at flipping burgers in their god given abilities. Most doctors are imported, call tech support, your talking to INdia, if were going to be a global economy, we need to even the playing ground, not spend billions on billionaire bailouts, billions on education of existing citizens. We should train a surplus of Doctors and Nurses and everything we are importing. cheap things are fine, but not if you work for peanuts, The biggest fastest cheapest way to accomplish this, is Now, we have internet, we need to build certifications, degrees, for everyone, without special interest, they were recently being sold, to celebrity Nimskills, how blind is everyone?

for all the demcrats crying about bullshit this and that, they did a study, and you have zero impact on anything, but alienating your own family and friends. the true and only impact is money and trillions of it, blasphemy? of course, ok enough of this kinds of bullshit scribbling for awhile, going to do a few stories, I really like remembering people from my past, I guess, I am nostalgic. … see u soon