the battle continues, the battle of the bulge, finally getting the drafting done, just have to dot some I’s and cross some T’s, but I had been thinking lately about us humans and the Earth we all share with many creatures, as I was running over and killing ants with my roller blades, I was thinking how it all began for me, watching Star Wars with Luke, Darth Vader and Obi Wan, The force, life force, that was a dominating part of the script, is alive in me, We are like one life force, if you add every creature on this Earth, and think of them as One, as a life force, The fact the we have all kinds of bugs crawling all over us at any given time, and even inside of us, living organisms, just because we think we are smarter than the whole force of our Earth, but are we really? Are most of us happier than birds? Ants? does longevity make our lives better? I know 2 happy dogs, that would beg to differ :/, just think of us as a life force with lots of different parts, are the rest of the parts destroying this Earth? like a crisp 20 dollar bill, with a big pile more, our endless supply of Our Own Earth to Plunder, we can do better, we have all these bugs in our gut, and if we do the right things they take care of us. do you think we are the good bugs? 2 of the richest bugs are heading out to space to plunder more planets, good luck with that. That was all eye was really thinking about. I the rambling mad man, not really mad, I mean, for reals, I am blessed with a good life, I am very happy and fortunate to have lived so well, and so long, considering my wild west ways of the past. I got a text today for a prospective client, her son in law was killed in a car crash, I met him on the initial appointment, seemed like a nice family, so young, in a flash it is over for him. I hope he lived his life soaking up all his days as a blessing, even the bad one, just to be alive and breathing, feeling the wind on your skin, the sound of pesky birds chirp chirp chirping, or looking up at the mountains and the trees and soaking it up into your soul, When this bird dies, no crying for me, as that would mean you have regrets or fears, I would say it would be time for a Celebration, live Music, Eagles, Creedence, Lynard Skynard, Zepplin and fo sure some Johnny CAsh, party and drink, and have shot on me. I am alive, but I will be dead, just that thought scares me, but I know in my heart it is right, it is a good thing as is birth, I have lived, loved, laughed. I look forward to more suffering, challenges, and most of all “let the good times roll, my best friends girl” O and steve Miller band, my grandpa is 95 and he is still alive
its not in my power, I am hopeful to see everyone, I have ever known, but alas, my life road is not under my power, I just trudge ahead, thankful grateful for this life. I wish I could give everyone a Big Hug, I usually always give big hugs, I had lost that for a little while, I just know it makes people feel good, one bad apple can not make for a bad day.

O yeah wait, I do have a complaint, I was watching the Suns Game at L.A it was painful to watch, I really thought there was something wrong with the Paul dude, I lost my stoic thinking and even posted something about him looking like he was on drugs, not that it is a bad thing, perhaps not for the finals or during a game, but my spikey empath persona thinks, that something was wrong with him, I am no mind reader, and it could all just be my overthinking, but I thought of the Yankees, you know, the ones that threw the World Series, how much more money would be made, but “Others” if it went to a game 7? not what is downright against this whole “Stoic” mindset, especially the part about Vitreous, and I am aware of the hypocrisy of such talk, but there it is, I really felt there was something there, then I saw him dressed up like a pimp and thought, perhaps a night on the town? he did not seem to be playing with any urgency, I do think the more likely scenario, he got into a fight with a teammate, perhaps slighted, Ego, can do some bad things, he just did not seem to give a rats ass. I really wanted them to Win, and I think they will, but I do believe there is something there, maybe between him and booker, the others seem to respectful, Booker is full of piss and vinegar, another Coby in the making. I do like the Coach too, but I think he made a big mistake, telling them to “play harder” try harder, either one, take your pick, neither any good, Play Smarter, play faster, Play as a team, “harder” feels like a struggle, forced.
TIME FOR MY BIG PET PEEVE: I do not remember this kind of play, grabbing shirts, twisting arms, kneeing the opponent, dirty basketball, we played rough as kids, but this is ugly. I think of all the kids watching this bullshit, this is how you WIN, The NBA and these players should be ashamed of what they have become, or maybe it has always been dirty pool, maybe the press, since they hide so much other shit, they can finally expose some ugly truths. Ok I have to go on another gas wasting bid. I think I may have a job to frame, a cool one, beast mode, maybe I will film it and show all you stick framers How and Viking Eskimo does it 🙂