Exactly when is the right time? I am stuck in the loop just like anyone else, unfortunately they have made some songs on that premise, my fav

someday never comes

what does that tell us? well eye likes to think that we need to live in the moment, but that would leave little time for reflection, a balanced life seems best

although I am a dreamer, I also try to stay rooted in realistic thinking, We are all in our own ideals about how life works, most of it based on media and our surroundings.

one thing that I do know for sure, I am like the seasons, constantly changing and adapting to life’s circumstance, and that I too am constantly changing, would it not be odd, if I still thought like when I was 12? 20 25 or even 50?

At least for me, life has changed a lot

Mindset is the key for me

when I was 35 and raising kids, I had little time for anything, let alone, deep thininking, ok that is a streatch for me, deep? no, how about deep analyzing, a little better.

my point, is that although now, may not be a good time, hopefully it will come.

Our kids are growing up, raising kids of their own, or living their lives, and that is a good thing, I remember when my dad was around, I was wanting to help him, yet I had a full plate with kids and bills and the whole rat race thingy

It never happened, he always wanted me to be a fisherman, I loved being a fisherman too, even though I had a huge monkey on my back, which was my drinking, for the first 25 years of my life, drinking was my life, but family was always my true calling, I wanted to make babies. ( I did try to make a lot of them, and succeeded a few times, maybe more)

I do believe in a few things, and Procreation is one of them, We, or at least me, have been driven to procreate, it is inate, not learned, it is for a reason, lucky for the rest of the world, I am extremely shy when it comes to the whole pickp thingy, yet pour some liquid courage into my gullet, and “POOF” you have a Valentino on your hands:/

I really do love women, all of them, maybe too much

One of the few things I enjoy, is true beauty, the kind that is more than skin deep, the kind that comes with compassion, Intelligence and natural beauty, although a nice lip stick does wonders, truth be told, I would have babies with all types of women, yet I have always been attracted to mixed or white women, especially dark hair, but some of those darker blonds, oh I’m married, sorry, this thinking is sinful :/

No the truth is the time may never be ripe. I think I will go get some grapefruits, time to send some North.