howdy howdy, I remember when we drove to Texas, we were wearing cowboy hats and talking with a southern twang, which is easy to do, when everybody does it.  This was  a great high school adventure,  after high school graduation, me and 4 friends drove from Washington State to Texas, our friend Pat Brock had an uncle that lived in Texas, not sure how we thought we could do such a thing, 18 years old and pretty much still had runny noses, any i digress, just wanted to type and update to my world.  I will share that story again later, lots of stuff went down, me in jail at the Harris county  jail, not a fun place

We have a new president, but unlike the toxic democrats, I will support him, until I dont, not because I voted for Trump, but he won, Trump lost, get over it.

disclaimer: I am not a republican democrat, I vote what I think will be best for my life, my wife is a democrat, but we inline on most stuff.

I just hope it is not like the Obama first 4, but it looks like the path is set. my first bid since he won,  big scam, waste of time, Deja vu just like before, took 4 years before  the tire kicking low ballers had to pay a decent contract price.  not to mention what is going to happen to gas prices.  Maybe there will be jobs, for Americans, not just anybody that can sneak across the border and work for McDonalds pay. I know toxic sounding, but on the bright side it might fair well for Eskimos in the Desert. The leads have dried up for now.  I paid for Google ads again, dumb dumb 2 hundred bucks down the drain and the only calls eye got were from Google AdWords “experts”.

back to my old megillah guerilla tactics, they work, or pay up to 100 for a home advisor ads, 50+ for thumbtack and 3% to Build zoom, which cost more, but at least it is for a closed deal. First I have to remodel the bathroom in our bedroom, I am going to extend it into the garage 2′   and ad a  jacuzzi tub,  urinal and walk in shower, I really do not like doing electrical and plumbing, but otherwise, there would be not remodel, have to bite the bullet, anyway after years of dealing with plumber and electrician the worst part is climbing in the attic. I have to run a line from the hose bib to the garage and back to the hose bib  in order to get a whole house water softer installed, yes me is doings that’s toos. :/

I also am applying for a Native Allotment for my father who served in the Navy during the Korean War, and hopefully for my uncle Gilbert too, who served in Vietnam, I just wish he was alive to join in, my dad, my uncle is still alive in Washington and will be for many years to come, well maybe not many at least as much as me 🙂

anybody else annoyed at the news? the whole corvid vaccine deal, how many times do they have to tell us the vaccine is out? 3 days worth, on the good side, they are giving it to the Navajo Reservation first, and that is the right thing to do.

time to get to work