Turning and burning. We are under a curfew, that is not really a problem for me, I am in bed and asleep most nights by 9. Well been a tough couple days, our AC went out, low on Freon, and the fan quit working, AC guy a baseball Player Rick, has done a few projects for me, took a couple of days, but were cool now, after a few fans, truck was fixed, not, seems I am not building pressure on my AC, what is with the heat, I still love it, better than cold humans. redoing the pool, its hot out. I work until me ticker tells me to take a break, that and a few aspirins and I am back at it. I transplanted some unwanted palm trees, but afraid that my green thumbs are red. I see where they were paying people 40 bones and hour to protest, is that real, or made up? I have no Idea, you see as Rick the AC guy says, “just be glad it isn’t you” I do know that in Phoenix, you had better comply, they shoot first, at least it seems that way, I do not live anywhere near the city. do not want to, never will. Ok, never say Never

I have always been respectful of law enforcement and got many breaks over the years, but I look pretty white for being a half breed, that is not true either, a 7/16 breed or 9/16 white, at least that what my papers say. I have documentation, which after all the research I have done seems pretty accurate, you see recombination means you get genes randomly from each parent about 50/50 give or take.

I hear and see lots of judgmental posting on FB, personally I have no stake in the game at this time, I would never live in the city, this small town out here is too big for me. fkn nosey neighbors, wish they would keep their asses to themselves. I have one neighbor that reports to the city when my weeds get too big for him, his buddy the Ukrainian backing him up, I know I let it go, but I work out in this heat, and no I am not having somebody snooping around my house, either cleaning my pool or cleaning my weeds, not for those nosey bstds anyway, that is what my problems are, the whole looting thing, here is my spin. If in fact these people protesting are being systematically targeted on a routine or daily basis, then. go ahead out and loot, I know that I would be the first in line, on the other hand, who are they, The fkn News people seem more interested in Ratings than finding the truth. They did interview one protester in another state, he stammered, but had no clear reason for protesting. I was waiting to hear, I been pulled over and beaten at least six times, or some other. vague answers. The Man was killed, yes, for sure Manslaughter, anything less is a crime, as stated, we the people condone our politicians, or police when we vote, When there is but the Republicans and Democrats, both sides blinding us with bullshit. We have no Idea, I still do not know, where a mask or do not wear a mask, If think you think a mask is going to work, you better have some goggles on too, if it is that contagious, an invisible droplet in the eye seems to be the fastest way in, or is it only breathed in? would take a lot if it only was breathed in, and in the eye seems more likely, I know. One thing that I like seeing, the restaurant people wearing masks and cleaning up their dirty places of business. That my friend is a sure way to spread germs. Bars, well you can expect to get it. unless you go in with a gas mask. hey I got it, we have gas mask bars, baseball football stadiums not as likely, I know that I do not have to get that close in those places and the air is good. when you first walk into Walmart’s, the air sucks, that is a possible, I hold me breath, but once inside the air seems fine. Home depot, what a mess, I never had to get close to people, now I’m standing in line with them waiting to get in. I see these jokes on the internet about Scandinavians happy the social distancing is over, now they can get farther apart as usual.

One thing for sure is certain, nothing, absolutely nothing, death and taxes, I do not thin the protesters are paying taxes, criminals, Im still a sheep in the dark, maybe change my name to, Sheep N Dark The good that will come from this, Maybe people will not get shot first, maybe last. if they too scared, then get an easier job, espessially when there are 10 cops and one unarmed assailent. you kidding me, you need to shoot him, well that has to stop. I still am horrified by the kid shot in the back, running away. in the back and it was not 10 20 30 ft at least 30 yards or more. it was a good shot, I will give him that, that should have been a crime too. sure he got fired, but that family has no son, maybe a thug, but unless… o its just wrong. where to they get off shooting at someone that far away running, I mean an errant shot, someone else dead. They have to stop high speed pursuits, but can take long shots at fleeing felons, maybe if he just killed someone, or something heinous, but even then, that is a far cry from protect and server, maybe that should be paid more, you would have to pay me loads of money to do that job, RIP Eric Shoulander, I hope spelled it right :/

We need the police as much as fireman doctors, and nurses, we need to protect them too. I really have no Idea about them living in the cities, my advice, get the fk out of there. can you imagine the amount of human waste that has to be processed from the cities, gross. Ima little weary today, still have some fixing to do Lucy. Judging other people is not my thing, but we all know, that the looters are about getting theirs, whilst they can, justified?

still want to take our guns away, who are you? have you seen those crowds, if they were armed, do you think the police stand a chance? maybe, are they trained to fight, what if they are overwhelmed? outgunned, outmanned.

What if the government decided to start arresting people for now reason and somehow adolpho2 emerged in charge? mixed raced people like me exterminated, or your mixed kids imprisoned? what you going to do? throw stones, it seems so far from reality, right? so did the pandemic, sure we all think it will blow off, and it most likely will. who controls the press, We need real news. It is the Trickle down new theory. or the everything is free theory. hahah well that was some mindless blah blah blah.

O wait a minute. A couple of other pet peeves, This is Our planet, I mean humans. We should take care of it. burning up all our fuel for people to work at a big high rise, built by immigrant labor, plush even, when they could work from home, seems like a waste of money oil and not to mention traffic, pollution and needless dangers. I know it is a free country, hahah not so sure now, are you? why is something happing 30 miles from here, effecting me, well truthfully it is not, its almost bed time. We need to take care of our poor people, the biggest miscarriage in my mind, The Navaho Nation, looks like another attempt to kill them off, why is this happening in these places?, just asking. I have no Idea, who is really calling the shot, it does not seem like Potus, he seems almost detached. my vote is up in the air, but leaning towards trump, need to see how this shakes out. So many things us sheep do not know.

this was more of a rant, with very little proof, write and post, except for blatant spelling, so maybe you need a 5th grader to interpret my slop.

On a personal Note: my grandson was wearing a bun 🙁 cool long hair, but a man bun, please no, please, I know, im just a name in a tree, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo……….. that’s all folks, last time Post political nonsense, it was hacked. let see.