Ok, so while I am avoiding working on my house, I thought I would share my knowledge and experience with my small village in Kodiak and our land in that area, both are different subjects, but both intertwined. growing up in Southern Cal. Native was the furthest thing from my mind. My first real experiences came while living out in Uganik, I lived with my dad in my grandparents house, this house was on the other side of the island, no way to get there, but float plane or boat. I was in my 20’s, my first shareholder meeting was in Kodiak, I think It was my grandfather Kelly, Grandmother it was about land use. or something. your born into this club, I never applied. The issues at that time, were dividing up and using the land, Living with my dad, I was privy to the inner workings of what was going on at that time, we had a few shareholders living out in Uganik, Martha Challiak, Wilmar assiksik, Daniel Boone Reed, Sonny Peterson and Ronnie Fadaoff, and not sure if Teddy Pesterkoff was still alive, (sorry for spelling of names, as im doing off the top of me head). That is when my dad told me about the Omar Strattman affair and how he sued to have our land reduced because enough shareholders did not live out there. My grandmother, although very smart, was not equipped for this battle. Why after assimilating us, did they also want to humiliate and reduce the land we could use to a parcel? how much was the original allocation for Uganik? I have no idea, there is also a backstory to this, my mom fought tooth and nail to get us into Seldovia and Ciri, which was the right choice, so now we are in this reduced, almost pathetic tribal land, with limited beach front and no access. the minimum lot size at that time was 5 acres, so 5 acre on the beach, pretty much locked up the beaches. 750 acres of land.

I must say that when I lived out there approx. 3 to 4 years off and on, it was the most peaceful I had ever felt, well until, I was able to get the booze monkey off my back, years later.

We had a few issues in the beginning, the first off was letting people go out and pick a parcel of land, without any due process, We still to this day do not have anything in place, we do not have bylaws, we have nothing. nobody wants any type of transparency, only deception. ok trying not to insert my personal, but if we do have anything of the sort, please share. My dad was the president at that time, Granny and Gramps, had long since moved on. I had learned that we had a standing distribute extra money to the shareholders from Don Nekeferoff, but nothing in writing. So really We only had 3 properties on Uganik Native land, Martha’s place, Sonny’s place and Ronnie and Justine place. My dads dream was to be able to build his own cabin out there, and it had also become mine, but life keeps on turning and Uganik is a way place for a single male, Kodiak is for that matter, even Anchorage, no I was heading south. So the main thing back then was the 3 shareholder picking spots, without due process or equal opportunity. That was my dad’s theme anyway, and I was there during this time. We even had shareholder claiming parcels with signs, and they still have the claim today. Now we do not have to pay taxes on Native properties. We still do not have an option to build. well probably too poor now and getting too old. losing faith that its anything but personal gain. there I go again, out on my own. anyway, the other issue back then was a family the Lindbergh, my dad had a love hate with them, I always liked them, you could always get a hot meal if you were willing to pitch in, and they made you feel like part of the family. When I was out there I suggested they have them pay the taxes to use some property, he says they failed to pay, so he evicted them, not sure if they paid or not, but there still some bad feelings to this day. So we have 1 square mile, and we can go camp on it, I guess, not really news on what it is for, I suspect that someone has their eyes on it. perhaps Koniag wants to do an Afognak type deal, whereas the land gets turned over to them, and we can pay to camp on it? I am not sure, but we can not afford another one of those deals and should seek to get out land back from afognak. That is the way the ACT was created Native vs Native, Family vs Family. White vs Native. maybe we could drill for oil. get some oil rigs out there.

time for a rant, our Reginal Corporation Koniag is always sending out these flyers with how big and successful their business ventures are, I think it ends up being a 1000 a year, who is holding all these jobs your big investments have made, are they shareholders? who is really benefiting from these large corporations. what kind of jobs are they for Natives, janitor? window washer? ditch digger? you know the old saying its not what you know, it is who you know. There is no excuse for not employing competent Natives, they can learn and do jobs just as much as all the people working for our Big COMPAINIES, and yes, there will be a backlash from these companies, I have been on this earth to see many jobs, given to family friends and people that they know, in the regular. you can hire one leader, who know what they are doing and they can teach a whole group. do you think they will ever let you get to be a successful Wall street company, not until they deregulate and can buy the stocks for dirt cheap. I have been in construction my whole life, and I see the dumbest untrained people doing the highest jobs, all the time. that is not to say, WE should follow suit, We can do better for our people. I would like to know how many people are employed by Koniag, and how many are shareholders, learning and doing jobs in admin and above? what are you doing to protect our seniors? do we have Native foods for them an are we passing on traditions and stopping the abuse of children and alcoholism? ok enough rant

So we have this Native land and we need to educate. We also have some land that has been willed to our family, the land is divided up into 5 different families. We have My dad’s family which consist of Tollak, Me, Gilbert, Kelly and Alyse, my auntie May, who has her kids, michael, Carole, and charlotte. we have Auntie Tilla, (Judy) and her 5 kids, Diane, earl, kathy, troy and Judy. my Auntie Tina, with her kids Cien, and chris. there was also my Uncle Kelly, with Edwin and Peter, peter had passed RIp 🙁 I KNOW SEEMS SENSLESS TO RECAP, but it must be shared, Edwin and Peter had opted to sell their percent to Charlotte, this had caused some friction. it seems as this is not a family, but more greedy business people, but I digress. this land under this agreement includes 80 acres, called cottonwood south of the native Corp land and 80 acres across the bay near toshwak set net site. we are only being taxed on the cottonwood property, not the Fred Simeonoff allotment. I had one good solution, was to divide up the land and keep the water and main piece open as community property. It can be done, but if we do not become aware of these things, everything dies with this generation. I think we can do it on paper without any expensive surveys. then each family could divide up their share amongst their family. the other option is to force a sale and split up whatever is left after court costs. I will share lots more, some good some bad, I have since come to terms with having nothing to lose at this point. I have all the emails and documents over the years, We need to know how to find out the info on inception and the early years, what we got screwed out of at Afognak and how we can get it back. enough of my senselss whining, time to go out in 100 and get my property ship shape. :/