that my friend is a fact, well at least 3 of them do :/ but I was able to steal away a dad, it was poised, more like a “your dad” but the d a d were emphasized, almost as if it was to me 🙂 but alas, we must remember the song lyrics “you think this song is about you your so vain” yes that is me, I perceive the world according to my experiences, which have been plentiful if not overabundant< I digress, what was i talking about, my self of course 🙂

The whole covid thing is somewhat of a reset time, really, I have no clear view of my future, I just know it must include sweet mary, why? because I Love here of course, Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. My dilemma, am eye just barking down the wrong tree, I mean, do I just try to fade away? I know I must steel, my emotions. a robot, no, more like a soldier. Will my worlds ever come together? perhaps, it sad, perhaps only in tragedy, which is a tragedy,

well, my past has reared its ugly head, once again, not with an offhand, comment but it got real, be aware young skywalker, one moment one time, in your timeline, you can fk up your life, perhaps forever, it has happened to many a person, a car crash, a death, one mistake in judgment. be aware, those private eyes, watching you. no really, really ok, no just flapping again. anyway protect yourself be aware, dont be an ignoramus, anyway, I have posted about my dilemma before, so its old news, the problem, why bring center stage back from the dead, the past is the past, I made it out alive, I often look back and ask, what was my thinking back then, my plans, I just get a blank, I was driven to drink, it was my first priority, above all else. work was a means to that end, and for the next 11 years until in Dec of 1995 I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

the rest is history, yet to be written. let me do a nice story, so much negative NEWS On tv, maybe should ditch the news channel, not sure if that’s a good Idea, maybe only watch the PBS news channels.