Ok, had to go incognito, the powers that be in Tempe, have rules that are asinine, a minor modification needs a full set of plans, not just on the work your doing, but the whole property, WTF, I know where this comes from, it is a way to get some money for all those expensive DEGREES, that the University cashes in on, I wonder how much an Architect degree is at ASU, the whole thing from bachelor to degree? 500 grand? unless your the child of a rich person, famous person, or an athlete? then you just pay a small fee and it is mailed to you. So, I figured out why they are letting all the illegals in, so they can have someone trim their trees, pick there fruit, build and clean their fancy homes, otherwise they would have to pay American a living wage, but require an Architect on all projects in Tempe, but you have anybody work on it, you just have to pick them up at the home depot parking lot, and they make sure they let them in by the droves, So we American born Carpenters have to compete with anyone they let in and give a hammer, buty the make sure, you have to have a “special licence” with a stamp to draft up some plans. They cost the consumer extra thousands of dollars, then they still charge them to be inspected and for a plan review, this all on a 900 square ft home, They have these techs hiding behind a computer, so they can ruin you are make sure, you make nothing, O well, knock me down mother f’r I get back up, this looks like the work of Cowboy VS INdian, but I will undoubtedly learn something, hopefully it is not, Never do a job in Tempe, like Chandler, home of the EXpensive, Educated people, who never worked a day in their lives, how that for a rant, snake oil. I am going incognito until this is resolved, so see you at the end of the tunnel, pretty sure this has to do with my new Company Name, 2Tribes, I have been told, Arizona white people hate Native Americans, I never knew. They steal or buy thier land, make sure they are dirt poor, and turn them into slaves, working for peanuts, while they cash out. America, where the Colleges Control everything