it looks like the Wars will be heating up, Trump VS Biden will be one war

Mask Vs no Mask the second phase

Cops vs BLM third phase

then they take all the weapons. they burn the book, take down all the statues, don’t forget the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, you heard that Washington owned slaves, right? that Lincoln ordered the genocide of Native Americans in South Dakota, right? I do not think you will even find a person Statue Worthy after the truth is uncovered, how about intstead of erasing history, you build it up with knowledge, so it will never happen again. how about put a bigger statue near the other one, or create a Memorial of all the people that have suffered because of slavery, and how it is not just the slavery, but how the Untied States Government deals with its minorities. the Native American, Black, Asian Latino, right now, how are they being treated? We are the People right? so if the government does it, they are doing it in our Name? or can we say, not my problem? really, we all have our own burdens, there is white privilege, but that just a select few, most full blooded whites, that I know have to work for a living, like me. Im getting far to political lately, it kinda in our faces. I do not really care about the statues, but really it seems like they could come up with some solutions. this are meant ton incite. if you really want to incite and make change, you need to take a play book from the IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY, o, that did not end well… this is your moment, dont blow it, they just waiting for you to go away… they know you will. you always do. chicken little can only have the sky falling for so long, before the next big NEWS. blah blah blah, maybe I should just paint the house. people like to argue, Maybe it is instinct? taught? how do we teach action?

Can we have anohter World WAR? this China thing is simmering under the surface, what happens when we are invaded by the Russians and Chinese? maybe few nukes, we 70 miles from the nuke plant and 55 from the air force base, it would be a target. the hills, head to high ground. get out of the cities. sitting ducks. to think that War is an impossibility, all it takes is one country, getting desperate enough to attack. Iran, North Korea. Nukes or secret Nukes, such a dangerous world, yet so safe, here in the USA, or is it? I often comment, we live in the best time of our History, we fat dumb and happy, at least happy 🙂