Eye, question everything, absolutely, everytime, all of the time, and on a continuous basis.

There is only one thing that I truly know, That I know nothing, really hard to swallow, or is that my surgery :/

All joking aside, we are programmed from an early age, our childhood, is our blueprint or the rest of our lives, that is not to say, you can not change, but you can not fix, what you are not aware of, that I am pretty sure of.

I have to contently question my own thinking. What is behind this thought or emotion, is it my insecurities, rising, or perhaps unresolved anger?

I know one thing, we all have these, let say ” monsters of thought”

Some people may be able to distract themselves, for their whole lives, but are they being honest, or hiding in delusion?

there is a consolation in all of this, if we can find balance and awareness, we can be happy, happy humans, what else can be more satisfying? money, fame, even a “perfect life” can be unhappy.

I have no idea what that is, for me, we must suffer, in all things, their has to be a counterweight; a counter balance; for suffering comes joy.

To be happy, to feel good, we must embrace hardship, own it, breathe it, soak it up.

I seem to be getting a little mushy, lets put into perspective, or the truth of the matter.

Relationships can be the most stressful part of our lives, but without conflict, there can be: no growth; no being grateful; no makeup sex.

the end.

be careful, you may get what you wish for, the key is balance of life, and not getting killed or ruining¬† a good relationship, that is why, I will always, question my own thinking, above all else, because, that all I can try to control, try, try, try, cry, cry, cry.¬† to be or not to be………..