MY stoic course is coming along, the latest greatest is quite a revelation, actually in line with my current thinking, but at a much higher level, it boils down to expecting people to be bad, yes expect bad drivers, mean, nasty people, to expect anything else, is well, ignorant, that has been my opinion, along the lines of everybody has a different upbringing, or circumstance, that is inline with christian thinking in the turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor mentality, but at a higher level, more precise.  The Sotic philosophy involves living according to nature, that means, being a good person to nature, and that further means, To be good to nature is to be good to our nature, which is, that we are a social creature, so be a good social human, good for all mankind, acceptance, that not everyone lives at the same mentality, and some never will. Instead of being upset when someone cuts you off, or flips you off, accept that is to be expected. that may seem like an extreme, but really, the other extreme, to think of all the people in the world, everyone will be on the same page? or adhere to the same rules, to think the same? far greater sanity can be achieved, when we expect, that when we go in public, we may experience difficult people, and it does no good, to react or add the the bad behaviour. Not just strangers either, but our families, friends and such, maybe time to get a new family, ahahhaha, just kidding, but it does say, to take careful who you spend your time with, sometimes it is best to keep an arms length, the key of this whole thing, you can not change people, you can only change your own mindset, that is my mindset, you may try to educate people, but you have no control over, whether they accept your schooling, the buck stops, within ourselves, that also is in line with my modern psychology course. how great the world would be, if we all thought in such progressive ways, yet to know, that is not the case, may be an ephithany of epic proportions, to expect bad things from people, and not expect everyone to be in line with our own thinking is in line with hate the sin, not the sinner:)