This was my teen years, probably Sierra Vista Jr high, I actually learned more life stuff at that school than all the other schools combined. shop class, We took apart a briggs stratton and put it back togeher, I finished fast and mine started back up. this was also about the time I discoverd my lifetime obsession with girls, well that was in 6th grade, my first crush was Patricia, she was an actress in my 6th grade class. I used to follow her home, but i was invisible. mini stalking? not sure. This is also the time I became aware, that I was attractive to the girls, my first ego burst, or more life confused but amused, when they called my name for 6th grade diploma, some older girls in the crowd gave a big cheer, junior high girls, they had help create a monster 🙂 This reminds me of the time we were in a school celebration, me and two others, perhaps Danny humphrey, not sure the other maybe it was … forgot his name, he got burnt in a car fire. 🙁 the teacher painted faces on our chest and belly with the mouth at our belly button and we whistled to a tune. This was also my first time at a kind of group therapy, I do not know how this came about. I remember three of us, Derek G, Jessie S, Danny H. were all discussing our parental situation, we all ended up with some tears. do they do this stuff anymore. All of us were bullies of sorts at that time, both Jessie and Derek would intimidate me, which was in turn directed at other, got kicked out of the disney trip for punching BJ Caldas in the stomach, yes he is the one i forgot his name, sad he was burnt badly, but he did recover and has a good life as far as I can tell. such memories. Jr High was a step up. the girls, well I do not remember so many, and the dances. I was a kid in a candy store, loved them all, but remember my main crushes, were my biggest and longest Holls Wills, then there was Nicole Pryor, she was J trouts girl. I also remember a girl Angela, not sure of the spelling. I was also banned from graduation ceremonies at this school, I remember the vice principal, Hauser, I think and the Principal wanted to paddle my ass, lucky for me, Mom said no. I was also pulled into the office for a big drug bust, and ounce of Marijuana, I had no Idea, but one of my friends, Larry Phelps? I think, had been caught with some weed, wow, I wonder what happened to Larry, I should search him out, maybe lazenbee knows. (sorry for spelling, it pain in the ass to look up stuff). A couple of other things come to mind. My inherited, not real raceism came into play, I called one the nicest kids the N word, but good always prevails, thanks to Phil Smith, who stood tall that day, a fight of sorts, not much, but point was made. I was a bad news for some kids in those days, remember shoving kids heads into lockers, but I was not immune either, had been saved by Joe Ingrassia, when almost going to blows with a much stonger bigger kid Rory Keith… hmm not so good memory. Then there was home economics, We learned how to make french fries, donuts and pizza from scratch, my all time favorite teach was the often gruff, always on point, Mr. Emard, Abrose, he took me to a wrestling meet against the saugus jr high, ended up losing to Mike Diaz, my excuse, they told me had won the tournament, so I started drinking pop, (sugar was my first addiction) I remember that match like it was yesterday, lost on points, but the thing I remember the most was Derek cheeriing me on, my intimidator, he had older brothers, too. I remember Tollak holding us down, and sticking grass up our noses and saying he was going to touch our brains, hahahha funny now, not then. I do miss my brothers. so many fun things to write about, well fun now, 🙂 These are the stories, I like to share the most. This was also the same time, after that wrestling meet, my Fav Uncle Fred took me to Disneyland, I really wish I could have known him as an adult. Loved him to the Moon. I think I shall do a whole story on him as time allows. I also remember building a model air plane, I had to request an engine for it for christmas, and mom got it, first time I took it out…. it few away and we could not find it. it was suposed to go in a loop, did not!! Oh and also, it was my first and last moto cross race. I had a bike and entered. The more experienced with the fancy bikes knew to practice the Jump, it was a ramp about 4′ wide 4′ tall and had a water pit on the other side, so you had get enough speed going or…. well I was tied for the lead in my heat, but hit the jump for the first time in my extra heavy bicycle, landed in the water, race over for me. I think jess coffee won our heat and Alan Diffata won the overall, not sure about that. I was also taking a filming class and got the main race recorded, but gave it away to jess.