My baby is Gone with the wind. They decided to delete gone with the Wind, now I have to see it again, what is next the 10 commandments? those are 2 of my all time favorite movies, not sure why they are banned, are people really offended? with Gone with the Wind? I am dumbfounded, or just dumb. I think we are at a point which is dangerous, The same rights that make America great, are being diluted, Is this an attempt to erase history? Tolerance of others is tolerance of hateful people too, I know it sounds weak, at best, down right racial at worst, but really, We have the right to believe in Santa Clause, buddha and anything else we feel like. I know some of these people, they are whack, I mean just whack in my book, but for me to know, the why, how and whatnots, of their journey to becoming a racist to judge them is for this person, unrealistic, were they born into a family that preached h8te? I know it was passed down in my Maternal side, not so much in my paternal. I never got the reasoning for people that were not white to be racist against black people, I mean, they are on the list too? Who decides all this, there has been a concerted effort in this country, through the prison system to keep it that way. In the jails, the segregation is Black/white/ Hispanic, and the rest go with the “woods” or the whites. Asian and Native are assigned to a lower class in the white clicks. I can not see how nobody sees, that this is the root, the root of all poor neighborhoods, it is being taught to anyone and everyone who ever goes to jail. It permeates society. The repair for this? We need to take care of all children, all of them. The poor are on our team too. No child should have to go hungry, while his parents do drugs, none, zero, zilch. no child should be denied an education, there is and has been a systematic approach to keep the poor, poor. Who else would clean your Mansions? who else would wash your car? who is going to pull your weeds. We created these drug infested tenements. The drug problem has been manufactured by our government, I believer that to be true, I mean, they learned that lesson, during prohibition, did they not? I mean, where there is a will, there is a way. Not everybody has the same background. The first half of my life, was constant turmoil, I went from one disaster to the next. It was my normal. What levels are the race issues, they run deep, I often hear some phrases, like, “I never had a slave” or referring to the fact that, we the people are not slaves, well I got some news for your, and you will soon find out it is true. If you work for a living, you are a slave to our society. Everybody who has to work for the man is a slave, They have just figured out a way to make it look like your FREE, your not, maybe the homeless are free, well, that is not really true either. The are a bid Sign, that says, “THIS IS YOU, IF YOU FAIL TO WORD” you too will be begging on the roadside, or tweaked out of your brains. We build MEGA highways, Giant Buildings, Mega structures on the backs of paid, yet still on the leash, The recent pandemic, has really got me thinking about this, I can not imagine, how they just pull trillions out of a hat. trillions, to pay corporations to stay in business, its not for you or me, it is for MEGA buildings, and GOVERMENTS, Mega Millions, our local towns are chomping at the bit to get their share. Maybe if we are lucky, we can retire a few years before we are taken to the spirit in the sky. My known history starts with my Russian heritage, The Russians would hold the Native children hostage, while they hunted sea otter pelts. this was slavery, they were paid in foot if lucky. I am the product of assimilation, “breed them out” well it worked. I will save that for my own journey. They spending Mega Millions, we the people, or should I say we the sheep. Native Americans lifestyle was fishing and hunting, now our lifestyle find a job, get a mortgage and pay bills, How pray tell do I do that, work work work, and we are not going to give you the good jobs, you will be a laborer, carpenter or electrician, now yeah those proud and noble professions. We will make sure that you are not educated, we will undermine your education at all levels, only the rich will get the good jobs. I must say, that poor white people are at an equal disadvantage, and thus, just another way that racism has flourished. So you say that you do not own slaves today, but are you the result of the ruling class? do you not think that gives you a leg up? if not your delusional. Let me look at an example of this in my own life.

My DNA journey has opened up the world for me, my po dunk existence of being an afterthought minority has been quashed. We have Native lineage, on both sides, my Dad, had my grandmother, who was 1/2, which made him 1/4, my moms side was farther back, but from 2 different family lines. Here is the story, My mom has always known, that her grandfather was unknown. a mystery. through DNA and Ancestry I was able to confirm that her dad’s dad was Carvel Torlekson. He was an immigrant from Iceland. (the story is still evolving, I was lost my inspiration, after hearing the toxic h8t that still permeates our family. Carvel was quite the figure, he was one of the first Coasties in Alaska during the gold rush Near Nome. he then moved to California of all places, Iceland, Alaska, California, kind of like our progression. He became a pillar of the community and went on to save lives and create a great legacy, The story goes in our family, my moms family, is that years ago, my moms aunt, had found the family, and they rejected the family outright, no how no way. this was true in my opinion, but not verified, the other account is that, Carvel fathered 3 children, my grandfather Fred Monson and 2 other kids, I wanted to confirm this with a DNA text of one of the other families, but the Monsons would not pony up, I spend way too much money on this stuff, need 2 jobs, I know irrelevant, but I’m not a really righter hahah. Now the Monsons did have a family Patriarch, he was Oscar Monson, and very successful, and the Monsons turned out pretty decent, so this is not as good as the family that had nobody to pick up the pieces. I would like to know the rest of the story, it is out there. It would be nice to know if he had a family of 3 as my family suspects, what if Oscar decided he wanted Carvel’s girl, more than Carvel, and he merely stepped aside. ( I know, I have veered from the story again) was it just a one night stand? the DNA match of a different descendant would confirm. Either way, I am proud to be a decedent of Carvel, regardless of the circumstance, let see abandon Nome Alaska and go live in Sunny Southern California? seems like a no brainer to me, but I would never abandon, well never say never, I was banished at a time, I had no say, perhaps it was toxic love? This was Gold Rush time Nome, killings raping and the such were the norm. I do not see that as being a option, but at this point it not off the table. ok that enough of this story, I was meaning to say, that not everyone has the same perspective as you. where are you standing? did you go to college? who paid for it? The working class is all slaves, or your homeless that is a fact, work or you will live in the streets. keep in debt work till the last breath. Now if your lucky enough to get a job you love doing, you are blessed. if gone with the wind offends you, you are ignorant. if the rebel battle flag offends, you are weak. You can not stomp out history, and you should not want to. Already they are acting like World War and WW2 are ancient history. they are just a hop skip and a jump and before that, the mass killing of Native Americans. It seems to go by the wayside, we are the descendants of those people that were to be exterminated or assimilated. I on the other hand and both sides of the coin, as with many others, but my side that was on the conquering side, were not part of my station in life, no to the contrary, it was the Native American, that has been mine, and Norwegian, Scottish. the unbroken chain to Norway. Yet nothing of those, told I was Native.

BTW, I have joined some Norway, Iceland and other DNA sites, and also some Native American sites. the most toxic thigs are from the Native, I joined one that had “mixed” as the name of page, I was considering making one the same, then got tired. hahha. anyway, the first post was an inflammatory comment to whites, I quit that group, but most of the groups, there is none of that, my Norse tattoo one, has the most hardened Viking, and they are kept in check, by good admins. I found my next tattoo, just need to find another native tattoo artist and some loot. work work work, keep the man happy, a good slave I am.

o since I am venting, the biggest tool against Alaska Natives? their own families and other Alaska Natives, fighting over the land and money, our sense of entitlement runs deep on this one. We have these corporations. We not Native, were presidents and vice presidents and we are above the law, we operate with impunity. Our Village was awarded 1 square mile for 30 original shareholder, the amount of land was much more, but the Government had its own plans, first they declared it a National wildlife Refuge, then they had Omar Stratman(Omar Stratman is an enigmatic figure. As a cattle rancher on Kodiak Island, he held over 45,000 acres of grazing leases. Initially federal leases, the Alaska Statehood Act transferred those leases to the state from the federal government. Those leases were then transferred to Leisnoi through part of its land entitlement under ANCSA.2) that was another case, my grandmother was not in position to battle such people, without funds, or help, so we lost lots of land, I am unsure how the Lesnoi ended, but you can see, Natives were only given communal land, and if they were given land through Native allotments, they were taxed out of their land, we are currently in such a predicament, with a family unwilling to be as one, but instead as groups. contest that we did not live on the land, and thus, we were reduced to a small parcel 750 acres, with another tiny sliver near raspberry strait. We were cheated then and we are being cheated now, the other rip off, our own Natives, Afognak, took possession of our land, that we should have sole rights, even if it is just subsistence and being able to build cabins and live the life of our ancestors, they stole it though our greed. to get a lousy 55k per shareholder, something at least, I too was gullible, I wanted to make sure that the money went to shareholders, not a few hands, it was a mistake, but with the people who are in charge, it was the only one we could to with a conscience, We lost that afognak land to afognak, I guess, we can pay for a permit to camp in their cabins, which should have went to us, who is going to fight the good fight? The government pigeon holed us into these “Corporations” stuck, we can not own land as a Native, without being taxed out of it, or being part of a corporation, but you cant use it. who will lead the future, who will fix this. we have family land, because we are Native, we have to pay taxes? it is nowhere near the city of Kodiak, are we paying for what? Pure white people rule Kodiak with an iron fist, Most Natives think they are white too. how much taxes did Omar have to pay on that free land? who else was given tax free land, the Baptist mission, FYI: I try not to be paranoid, god forbid. I had a team one year and a bloke, who was a college catcher joined the team, must have been a practice catcher, cuz, second base alluded him, well at least without multiple bounces, he made it a point to bring up Omar Stratman. coincidence? I am not that dumb, dumb, just not that dumb. my native dealing with our corporation have not always been on an even keel, I probably should have been less toxic, in the face of injustice and the time spent working on it has been exhausting, that will end after I get all the info out to the next generation. I am one of the only links to the past. maybe we can get our land back from afognak, we couldn’t sell it, but we could build some cabins. stay tuned and be considerate of black people, they are the result of forced slavery, the only reason they are here, is because our ancestors kidnapped them and brought them here, they deserver the same chances as Everybody, One point I like to make, is that all humans came from Africa. They should be a proud race, they are our Wolves. Are you a poodle or a husky? yap yap yap, or useful. this slave just wants to left alone….. o wait, while they are tearing down statues, there is one in Wickenburg, that slightly offended me. The script read something like this, Here lies Johnny cowboy, murdered by Indians, 18– blah blah blah, it had more, I really do think these statues, whether vilified or not deserve a place to preserve history, the real story, like Paul Harvey used to say.