I used to watch this cartoon, it was a turtle who would go from job to job and every time end up in a mess well that is me in a nutshell :/

why do I waste my time on things, that in the long term, will only be a waste of time, I wish I had a crystal ball for that kind of shat

the only thing that I have is experience, and the golden rule

there is a saying doing the same thing over and over is insanity, they used to say that to me when I was managing baseball too, I ended up wining 2 championships, with different players, well except me and Tim Ramsey, my right hand man in those days

there comes a time when it is crazy to keep going around the same circles with the same people :/

what does the future hold? hopefully it is not death, anytime soon

RIP, joe Warwick and Walter Frizzell worked til death, sad, but they had great families and were loved by many


anyway, I have had this whole prostate thingy, hahah yeah I have been using thingy lots, well more than eye should

they going to drill in both sides and investigate, yeah it is not good, I actually prefer the backside to the front, hate those fkn catheter 🙁 dread no, but pesky

I might do this steam therapy, they steam it, and it makes it shrink, hopefully only the prostate, dont need anything else shrinking lol

I have been very optimistic about the future, just focusing on realistic goals, like getting rid of my pesky gut, you have not idea how hard it is to eliminate fat, losing weight is tough enough, but those pesky fat cells are just wating to fill up again, I have been submerging in the pool, brrrrrr, cold supposed to kill them.

Prayers to my cousin Mary Lou, she is my Mom’s 1st cousin and she has Lung Cancer, which is not a good cancer to have, as cancers go. she is the daughter of one of my favorite Aunt’s, well actually everybody in the families fav

Auntie Stella, I can still hear her saying “Richard” in the way only she could. I used to hang out with Ray and Grace at their house on lake Washington, they had a boat and a stall right on the lake, I think bill gates used to live down the street, it was my farthest reach into the other side. Uncle Bill was Mary Lou and Everd Step father, I remember it was like they were from a whole different family, well perhaps, but they were still my first cousins, not half to me, but at the time, I did not know such things, just that they were somehow excluded, now that is not a fact, it is just my perception at the time.

I fished with my Uncle Bill, we spent 3 months fishing for brown Crab way down the chain , we were longlining pyramid pots. I remember another boat down there at the time, they had an 8 man crew, so they would do “shifts” not for us, we were 24/7 the crew, anyway although uncle bill was high boat the season before, we caught more red crab than browns, they were delicious :/ the most crab I have ever eaten. my check after expenses 700 bones, 3 months, but it set me up for a Season with my fav Skip of all time Don Vinberg

ok enough about me, wth was i talking about. o Mary Lou, my advise, get off the processed foods, if you get cancer, know you are only feeding it, with sugar.

I know that any day the cancer can come back, so but for the Grace of God, there go eye

that reminds me of my uncle Elmer too, he was great too, he was AS brother, they had a big family. the Ollestead that is my Norwegian side.

here is a family secret of sorts, my Aunts first husband committed suicide, and the coroner was my grandfather* Kelly simeonoff, he was not a real coroner, but in those days, whoever was up to do the job and wanted the money for it…

messy business, I know everyone thinks life is just one big fun bus for everyone, but sometimes, people get stuck, we need to help them if we can, can you see someone struggling that needs a hand, or a nice word?

I try to cheer up strangers sometimes, with mixed reults that sometimes have me wondering, why eye even bother :/

here is an unpaid advertisement

I love my kids all of them

Shavon Richard Sarah John

and my grandkids

Bianca Rebel Abel Seamus

i love them all to the MOON and back, I am a very lucky human

To Infinite and beyond


To Infinite and beyond