December 2020

twizzle twazzle time for this one to go home

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I used to watch this cartoon, it was a turtle who would go from job to job and every time end up in a mess well that is me in a nutshell :/ why do I waste my time on things, that in the long term, will only be a waste of time, I wish I had a crystal ball for that kind of shat the only thing that I have is experience, and the golden rule there is a saying doing the same thing over and over is insanity, they used to say that to me when I was managing baseball too, I ended up wining 2 championships, with different players, well except me and Tim Ramsey, my right hand man in those days there comes [...]

The time is Ripe

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Exactly when is the right time? I am stuck in the loop just like anyone else, unfortunately they have made some songs on that premise, my fav someday never comes what does that tell us? well eye likes to think that we need to live in the moment, but that would leave little time for reflection, a balanced life seems best although I am a dreamer, I also try to stay rooted in realistic thinking, We are all in our own ideals about how life works, most of it based on media and our surroundings. one thing that I do know for sure, I am like the seasons, constantly changing and adapting to life's circumstance, and that I too am constantly changing, would it not be odd, [...]

Clarity is clear az mud

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all this thinking makes me brain hurt, lol just kidding... We are really living in the twilight zone, or are we? I think we are a Buch of knuckleheads, me included. WE ALL COMPLAIN about something from time to time, some more than others. I can only really talk for myself, me myself and eye COVID, has taken over the United States of America, what the hell is it? it seems like a scam.... but I do not want to die, at least yet! my future is limited, but we still must trudge forward. at any min, any day, tragedy can strike. Recently Lonnie Powers died from Cancer, but since he has died, 2 more deaths of High school mates, both were unexpected, both were my age, [...]

what is going on in my world, you ask?

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well, I will tell you anyway, I am looking forward to reminiscing and remembering my past and sharing it on this webpage, but I am even more exited to start mapping out our family tree. from the bottom up, and start with the family that I know first, everybody should be able to have their own page, we shall see how that works out. I will need some help from family to dates and other info. I had recently finished build a deck to a trailer home, not my favorite job, but it was not too bad, some of those manufacture homes are shoddy at best, this one actually had 2x6 wall, I have seen them with 2x2 walls, might as well live in a tent. I [...]

December is cold, well relative speaking…

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Every Winter eye struggle with weight gain, do you? this year is no exception, I am doing ok, but I am definitely feeling the effects of the dark and cold winter months, relatively speaking of course, when you go from 110 to 55 in 40 days, it is a shock to the od system, I have lived in cold places, but I am acclimated to the desert weather. anyway, I have created another family tree website, got it started anyway. hopefully I can get it up and running and shared soon.  

November 2020

Covid and the Election, what next

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How are they going to get TRump out of there? ahahah well, he is just returning the favor, we had 4 years of russian collusion, impeachment and everything but the kitchen sink, thrown Trumps way. Now they want him to go quietly, not a chance, he is an egotistical maniac, One of the reason, that I did vote for him. he is not swayed by the "group" or I like to call "sheep" mentality. The problem, he was a little too far to the Narcist side, than expected, dumb as can be, he just had to show some compassion, a little, not a bunch, just enough to make him likable, for the sheep. For me, it was enough, that their was plenty of work to go around, [...]

Preceding years, oblivious

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Ok, so my first memory of life on this planet started in Hawthorne California, but this was not the actual start, I had a few other experiences, like the 1964 Earthquake, having my hands burned on a stove at 2 years old, about the same time as the Quake. I can still see the scars from the burns, which my Mom told me about. We all have our memories, some of which mesh with other accounts, well I had none during this time, I have seen some pictures of me outside in a play The is not much that I do remember about the Hawthorne days, I got into my first fight and lost, got kicked in the balls by another kid, end of fight, I had [...]

Proud White Native

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I had a Native epiphany of sorts, or more correctly a logical conclusion as to why my thinking was WRONG, yes it is me, yet again nobody is harder on me, than me. My thinking was wrong, because my mindset was that the corporation was to enhance and improved the lives of Alaska Natives and give them a path to equality that is dumb as fk, the real goal of any Corporation is to make money, get money, be paid money. the problem comes in when you can not sell your stock, which makes it kind of useless, you can will the stock to anyone you choose, but the value is inhibited by its lack of buyers. My epiphany came while thinking of those facts. The Native [...]

overthinking is good 4 me

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I love to think and overthink, that is who I am, I think therefore I yam hehe The key to overthinking, is to accept things that you can not change, and for me, is Turing that stuff over to God, it is my religion. without overthinking, I probably would not be in business, as construction contractor, Murphy's Law, comes to mind, "what can go wrong, will go wrong" sometimes it is not so good, when overthink about people, well that is a wild cared at best, we never know, what is going on in peoples lives, life is hard, can be hard, I am grateful for the life I have, for all that accept me in any form, I am grateful, yet this comes with caution, as [...]

liberation or abandonment?

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Ok, so I have been really looking what my life stands for and how I would like things to end up. wanting and getting are 2 very different options, as brother Tollak says, if you have shit in one hand, and wishes in another, what do you have? a handful of shit, that kinda speaks the same as a bird in the hand, but shit makes the point better My main issue is whether to abandon the whole Native existence, I mean, do I want the Native label? Am I really proud to be part of a conquered people? A victim? Native means victim to so many, just look at the post on most of their sites. they stole our land, boo hoo they raped and enslaved [...]

my fathers son

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Some people, no matter what you do in life, will always find ways to attack your character. I have been attacked my whole life for being my fathers son. your father did this, your father did that. where do we get this? What does the sins of the father mean? most of the stuff i hear, is not worth salt, but where do people get off attacking people for whom their parent are? When someone does this, it is more an affirmation of their own lock of integrity, than mine, are you serious, your judging me on who my father is? now let me say, I have been guilty of this, our of anger, as it is not a reasonable thing to do. some say I'm just [...]

a Day of drinking at CAstaic lake

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me and mike decided to hit the lake and got some coolers and filled them with beer and wine coolers, it was hot out. and summer was just getting going, I think, this was after the space shuttle exploded with that teacher inside, that is all I remember, I was digging a trench in Valencia when It exploded, it was a sad time we head up Castaic and started drinking and working on our tans, it was one of those days when you drink so much, that you drink yourself sober, well not quite sober, but not 100% inebriated, we decided to check out Newhall, which is a sister city of canyon country, Saugus and Valencia. Newhall is the oldest known city in the area, now it [...]

Sunny Southern

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working in sunny California was a breath of fresh air, since living and working in Alaska for so many years, it had been about 7 years since I had lived there, we moved to Washington State when I was 17 years old. I could dig ditches, demo houses or do whatever work that was put before me, I had been used to working on boats, and at the end to the day, your still on the boat, I do love boats and working on them, but it is something that can be hard, The problems I have had with jobs over the years was lack of a challenge, or jobs not clearly defined, or stagnant, and ended up quitting my Construction job at Bergeson Construction. at that [...]

let get this shit show started

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Ok, so I have been hinting about the worst year of my life, that I can remember, means nothing, but had to say it anyway. The year was 1986, I had moved to Sunny California, well kinda of moved, I had nothing, I had made a few dollars fishing in Kodiak, and was tired of the Alaska life, yet again. I had not car no money and no place to live, I did get a job working for a Contractor based out of Agua Dulce or pamdale, not sure John Bergeson, if I remember correctly, my uncle had died in a plane crash the year before, or 2 years before, let me check. July 21, 1984     Hal Dierich, Jack Johnson, Harold Martin and Fred Monson were lost [...]

false profit?

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This one is a tough one, this little diddy is all about faith and Religion, put myself right out there. I have been claiming that I am a Christian for as long as I can remember, I do not go to church or even read the bible. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal lord and savior, what does that mean to me? Not sure, but it works for me. I have to tell the truth here, when I hear people talking about the bible or reciting bible quotes, I am a little put off by this, not towards them, well..... not really, I know it is my own thinking that carries me through all stages of my life, but it is hard not be be [...]

Eye remember

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Remembering the past is a pastime for me, sometimes it will be a relative, and sometimes just a random person that I worked with or went to school with, just to think back and at my mindset in those times. I know that even though I have transitioned to a better me, I also know the path was not a clear one. recently I was tested and failed. there are always wildcards in every situation, how to plan for unknown wildcards? I have know Idea :( lucky for me, my list is large and getting larger. I have written my whole story over the years, often deleted by me, after knowing, anything you say, can and will, be used against you, know, not just in court, but [...]

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