last time, I was reminiscing about when my whole family drove the Alcan highway with 5 kids, 2 dogs and a goat in an old rambler station wagon.

I remember my uncles Petes face, like it was yesterday. I remember the seagulls, the grass, the streams, I remember the often punishing skiff rides across the bays. I remember having a big crab bake, The Tents. the Eagle, the toy wooden cars with corks for wheels, Teddy Pestrikoff and his little cabin, inside he had a glass with a naked lady, or a lady with a bathing suit. such and adventure

The next time, I remember Kodiak, was when me, my dad and my brother Tollak, John Tollak, went fishing, you know, I think I was just an appendage, because, I never remember working, or doing any work, I just remember that little Aqua jitney type boat, I remember eating a whole pack of gum, only to puke it up when we hit some rough weather, which was not much for that little boat. I truly love boats, the harbor and walking around Kodiak. It really is my only true home, except, now, my home is wherever sweet Mary is. We are from very different worlds, almost cave boy, meets princess, could not be closer to the truth. she is from a line of Doctors, Me? I come from a long line of fisherman, in all generations in all families, I have always been proud to call myself a fisherman.

The other thing that I remember is going around spruce cape just after a big blow, we were the first ones to head around with that little jitney, but were the last ones around, my dad grew up in that area. I am not sure how much I contributed as somewhat no more than a toddler, then there was the summer, or 2, not sure, when me and my dad fished tashwak in Uganik bay, it was just me and him at a setnet site, It was the first time, I personally killed a fish, or at least beat it senseless until it died from being out of the water. I really do not remember much else, except being in Solly’s while my dad was at the bar, those years are somewhat of a blur, these days, I do remember, I mentioned it before, we were on  boat on the way to town, and a couple crew mates were on there, and I wanted to get away, so I hid up in the bow, and freaked everyone out, until they found me. I would not be back in kodiak until the summer of 79, 80, 17 years old on the Chignik girl with my dad, brother Gilbert and Kelly. it was my first taste of the fishing life, and Kodiak.