I had posted something, perhaps in a negative light of FaceMonster, its become quite a letdown in post from all the rhetoric, and posted a quip about religion, and how it has been used with malice, but not how, the Churches real help people, who need it, like with my grandson, Abel, and the sock brigade, not just the socks, but bringing it to the forefront of the news, and Rob and Shavon, taking in a child and giving her a safe place to live, such good hearts.

The leopard spots are hard to rub off :/

Been working on plans for a job in Glendale, but it looking sketchy at best, part of the business, that I detest. This situation, can be nightmare. Sarah and Jackson bought a house 🙂 exited for them, but so expensive. I get to go up and help them remodel it, YAY

I have been reading the exerpts of luigi, and he was quite the human being. he has answers. I need to devote to this frame of mind, as he states the repercussions are an early death. I want to live, forever, life is good.

Still coming to terms with life in general, a cascading roller coaster, also accept that some things are just best left alone. me and my Sweet Mary happy to be us 🙂 she takes care of me, me big Oaf :/

Not much else… gots to get back cracking. o and i lost all my pc stuff, but im bak up and running. with lots of less documents and pictures gone. 🙁 one wrong click and poof, formatted and wiped. Owell

RHAEGAR IS a BIG DOG now loves the pool

still not house trained, spoiled rotten dog