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that was the whole fiasco from the beginning to end. all this why still having to work in my own business. I resigned after being threatened and accused of stealing a battery.  The things that concerned me was in private, They had said, "what the shareholders, dont know.... and the refusal to compensate, for anthing I did. she wants to pay her son in law 40k for  roof, that can be saved and ceiling extended, for the cost of 2 days labor and 30 ft of 2x6 there is more, im tired r

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Cousin Edson Fadaoff passes away, a new begining?

I am sorry to pass this on through email but I received a call from Howard Peterson about a half an hour ago that he had heard from Steve Rittenhouse that Steve went to check on Edson and found him lying on the floor, deceased.   I just spoke with the troopers, and they are flying out to investigate, calling Ellen Pagano (Auntie Mae) because I have her number for them to get a hold of, I don’t have contact information for his brother Joe. And since she and Frank essentially raised him that seems the most fitting.   The Troopers are going to let me know what they find out. Someone is going to need to fly or boat [...]

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John C

Hi  Sounds good to  Me  Thanks tollak ----- Original Message ----- From: Richard E Simeonoff To: Alyce Roberts ; Donene ; ellensimeonoff ; john Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009 11:21 AM Subject: 2 cents   Everyone, Well I guess I have to express my 2 cents. I think it is good that we have Donene to talk to Wile Hall, and anyone else that may have power to do something. We really don’t have any argument except on moral grounds. they don’t have to sign. But at lease we should be able to find out why. who knows maybe they have a good reason. but after that if they don’t sign. we are sol. I think Tim's assertion that using [...]

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Ralph Rastopstop

TO:Richard Simeonoff Jr., Hello, to you and your family, in the sunny side of Arizona,it is colder in Fairbanks, than in Barrow, -44 in Fairbanks,around -14 in Barrow. I guess I will go ahead and send them the email, I mentioned to you, in my last message to you,would you be able to get me the list of addresses of the shareholders,so I maybe able to write them,of the concerns we have with some of the board members, about the distribution of the dividends. I hope everything is well with you and your family,are you able to get more work,for your construction business? Here's to a better year for us all. Ralph S. Rastopsoff (907)310-3746

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finally a proxy with money to shareholder

Dear Fellow Board Members: Attached to this e-mail is the latest revision of the proxy.  The changes made are summarized below: 1.      All modifications to prior versions of the proxy which were not an issue of contention have been accepted (in other words, highlighted tracked changes have been removed) so that new changes or language that is still an issue of contention is more easily identifiable. 2.      I modified the section authorizing officers to make changes to the proxy as long as the changes don't materially change the provisions of the land sale agreement.  I prefer Kathryn's language for the reasons she has mentioned.  The thought of having to re-mail a new proxy statement and hold another special meeting of [...]

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