I have had an epiphany of sorts recently, not a big one, but an epiphany of sorts

I like to check up on people on Facebook, and see what they are up to, as I do not follow but a handful anymore, but recently checking up on my cousin Jim, I came across a post he had about the 33 strategies of War by Robert Greene, also writer of the 48 laws of power. Disclaimer: if I have to resort to “tactics” with people, I prefer to just minimize contact or delete contact, but in the world of ” I HAVE BILLS TO PAY” that is not an option. One thing I realized listening to these War tactics, is that I have already integrated most of them into my “pay bill relationships” already. I prefer relationships based on mutual respect, with a focus on our shared interests, I mean really, what else is there?  Not politics, as I thing all politics is nonsense, a smoke screen from real issues. War now, that is something we all should know about.

Every history of every Nation, has a history of War.  We live in peace time, or relative peace time now, because of the Nucellar deterrent.

I have always been a history buff about Wars, but more so, since studying DNA and my Origins.

I keep waiting for the whole “Out of Africa” origins to be debunked, but as I study my own ancient DNA, I see  a path to Africa, not a clear one, but one that follows  path from Africa to the Middle East, to Asia, and from Asia to the Netherlands and Eastern and Western Europe. I do so minute Asian genes, which I attribute to Native American, but not sure.  The Vikings came from Asia, in the Cold they changed, blue eyed, light skinned, to better live in Sub-zero climates, but why did not my Eskimos get blue eyes, and pale skin, that is confusing. Maybe God was trying out different  mixes and stuff, I still have a hard time with the whole primordal ooze, no we and the whole planet has to be created by God, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

I see how people use these strategies all the time, we are in a fk u society, the nice finish last, that is not just  a quote, but life on planet Earth. dark thinking, yes, but we do not have to play, well I do not.

I been played my whole life with these people in one way or another, maybe there should be a class in how to subvert people, or how to not be subverted.

the worst: “distractors”  they take your focus away, but remember, you let them take it away. the key: be aware of them, call them on it. get out, they want you to fail, rub forest run.

two faced people are everywhere, that is the worst, friend to u face, but talking shit as you leave the room.  they always leak out their poison, be aware of body language and slips of their forked tongue

ok that was a  nice “vent”

The worst offenders are the “take credit” for others hard work, this is a mainstay of the whole strategies, I have dealt with this, all me life, well as long as i can take it, and there is enough in the game for me, often its a dead cow, or dead end. they think they smart, lazy manipulator more like it. o yeah that is success, these are just a few of the things that are admired in our society.

blah blah blah maybe a song today, feeling half assed right now…. need to work on shower, dreading runnning wire and pex, but that will speed things up, but first, the mud pan and drypack, need to home depot and tile store. maybe a few blurbs…