WE are in strange time, which has me looking back to history, my subscription to GREAT COURSES was a great investment at 10 per month, everything from diet and history with many things in between. i have been watching many courses and am able to pick and choose which lecture to watch, some all are good. one of the is called Utopia of Terror and follows politics from World War I to the current situation with most major countries are included. We are upended by the Covid19 yet it is just a flicker, not even a flicker to what has happened in the past 100 years. there have been whole populations exterminated. Genocide was almost the Norm. How can we not deny it existence, when it was so prevalent. do you think the GERMANs were the only ones to claim to be a superior RACE? no the Japanese and many others thought of themselves as the supreme races. no kidding, it is mind boggling to even think that people would wipe out women children, even in America, there was forced sterilization in the 30’s no kidding. I possibly could have been sterilized for my alcoholism, and if they knew about my Native heritage, a double whammy. WE are all Gods children, and this thinking is very disturbing. yet we all have our burdens. WAr, we were talking WAR, with nuclear weapons, it could happen anytime, or perhaps deadly virus, that kills everyone, fast spreading, slow incubation 100% fatal. hopefully we can all go back to being good little sheep again.