We are all blind, well most of us

I woke up last night as my usual wakefulness, and the tv was on, I switched to netflix  and put on a boring documentary about the Oceans. that usually puts me back to sleep, not last night, at least until I seen, what I already knew from watching the Cowlicious documentary about how our farms and cows are already polluting the Earth.

It is good we have all these issues for people to bitch about, yet the real important ones, the future of the EArth is at stake!! no shit sherlock

well maybe overstated, it may take another 100 years of killing off the oceans and most of the creatures, so I as most of you will be all dead, selfish humans, just like our predecessors

My question ot you, all of you, are we no more empowered than a fish in a fish tank?  I mean, lets look at the goldfish, in a gold fish bowl, he has no options, YOU are his god, if your the one that put him there, right, if you dont change the water, or put in elaborate systems so it stays clean and with adequate oxygen, he will die, no doubt about it.

I lived with my father in an apartment on Government hill in Anchorage, he had a bird, the bird died, I never fed it.  I would look in its cage, and see the food, well, what I thought was food was actually the empty shells. sad case of not giving a shit. I do feel bad, I starved that fuckiing bird. ‘

Are we that bird? Our whole existence is flawed. sad fact, We worry about gun rights, gay rights, medical rights, indigenous rights and son on and so forth, yet, the biggest blaring thing is a commercial here or there, the poor Polar bear, overfishing, bycatch, greenhouse gasses, all a little blip on the radar, at least for now, but we are headed to a huge Crisis, A worldwide disaster, which can be averted, but time is running out, BIG Business, Big Corporations Rape the land, and we are all complicit. Is ignorance really a defence? I am annoyed at all the plastic wrapped around most everything we buy, and the water sold and donated all over the world, those plastic grocery bags, are a nightmare, Are we that lazy? is everybody just lazy or stupid to the point of poisoning our own fish tank?

it did not matter a 100 years ago… IT matters now. well not right now, the biggest worry for me is paying bills and feeding my own face. who has time to worry about the planet?

The future that is thier problem, when the last whale takes it last breath, that will be the beginning of the End.