I got confused by all the stoicism going on around me, not

This whole stoicism, rings true and in line with how my thinking has evolved over the years, well except the atheist part, that my friend is a little hard to swallow, especially if it is true, we are just figment of some being  existence, happenstance of sorts, might as well be an illusion, but it is more important is what a person chooses to believe, right?  That  is the whole crux of our existence, perhaps the thing that makes us human.

I am pretty sure my dog, cat or a wild coyote, has no opinion on the afterlife,  a diety, or religion or anything other than the here and now, or perhaps a scooby snack.

my brain hurts, 🙂  It is far easier to just follow the leader,  religion that was given to us, at birth, during life, maybe some miracle. what makes us believe, often blindly following words written 2000 years ago, by people who are the earth and stars from our current existence?  The whole thought that we are just flash in the pans, is painful to magine, especially with all the pain and suffering that we must endure to get from zero to zero, pretty much like turing the tv on, then off.  I choose to believe we are more than a glitch in some cruel existence, to believe there is an afterlife, a next phase, that the story continues, more specifically, my story continues, and yours of course, all of us, the birds the bees, maybe even the flowers and the trees, ok that last part is a stretch, but a beating heart, a brain, more, than just a temporal glitch. that is my faith, a hope of one day finding out the truth of life.  I do embrace most of the stoic thinking, and this is really no different, just not the atheist aspect, which has not faith, only lights out, end of game.  I have pondered this many times, the whole reincarnation thing, it sounds good, but if I do not remember it might as well not be true. I think I have muddled this subject as much as possible, in closing, believe what you want to believe, blindly if you must, but when you disparage other beliefs contrary to your own, you only show your ignorance of a loving and caring God, and that in doing so, you are not a message of love, and acceptance, but a tool of hate.