One week without AC in Arizona, make one weak.

well they putting they system in, our old system has lasted since the house was built in 1999, we moved in 2004, I think. it will be nice for Sweet Mary and john to have AC again, I actually thought it was pretty bearable, we had a couple window units, that kept our rooms cool, I had to wear a hoodie, me and sweet Mary on different temp gauges. I like warm, she like cool breeze.

The Covid thing has run its course, well I lasted as long as possible, now time to find some work, I am not sure what will happen, but I gots to get some dough, no slacker here. I have pretty much came to the conclusion, I will end up getting it eventually, they have a pretty good success rate, and the cancer been gone almost 7 years now. I been trying to only eat immune boosting, but time to get cracking, well soon, just painted the pool, talk about a nightmare, it is like painting with Elmers glue, good stuff, but not good spreading especially when I only have a small window to work, your not supposed to apply it within 4 hours over 95 degrees, so I did some at night and with my vision, not good idea, but overall except a few spots, looks fabulous and get to fil the pool on Wednesday. I cut it with xlene, which worked good, but it does weaken it, and the next batch only used the min, and last batch I used it straight up. good stuff. nice to jump in and take a swim.