Well I got the jOhnson and johnson vaccine on 3.31.21 about 2 weeks ago, time flies when your having fun, looks like they recalled it, or paused it, I did notice, my smell had become blunted, yet I still smelled the dog, I have an acute olfactory sensory system, so it was a little discerning, but it is back. Most of  the effected by the blood clot deal are younger women, so not a big worry, be the shits, if I died from a vaccine to protect me from a perhaps benign virus, at least to me, perhaps, not sure.

But all is well in my health world, as long as I eat little and exercise, my symptoms seem to be abated, perhaps, one day I will find the right doctor or test to pinpoint my medical issues, oir I will just suddenly die…

that is the risk you take, well not you, me, when you become your own doctor, doctor google, call me

I have been back at my college courses, yet not on the medical ones at this time, I have found a course on how to be a stoic, it fits in with my continue to improve, evolve, and be a better person, and it is somewhat aligned with my christian leanings. do unto others and then split, haha just kidding, did I mention this was a journal, not an official paper, or even a novel, it is my words, from my pen, or fingers, my truth. The Stoic life, fits in with my current beliefs, that we may have initial feelings or reactions, but these are just reactions, they are not our true self, they are simply reactions, we can let them, ride, like a bet at a roulette wheel, or we fan hold, we have a choice, like many things in life.

the professor talks about walking down the street and seeing a pretty woman, the initial response, his blood response is to engage, yet that is not his path, as he is married. That would wreck havoc on his marriage and his own ethics, simple truth. that is one course, and another is Grammar boot camp

This is of course my fine weakness of the english language, well more correctly, the current “rules” of the english writing and language rules, which it seems are ever changing, and not 100% set in stone as some snobbish humans will lead you to believe, so many rules, yet always disputed, to understand, to comprehend, one does not need to know these rules, yet I am taking this class too, it is nice to see, there is not clear an concise rules to anything except official documents, which is not what a journal aspires to be.

my other course is much better, it is about writing great sentences, and I have already learned many new tricks of the trade, like you can write indefinite sentences, as long as you are adding pertinent information, just add a comma, simple, but a fine way to add more on a subject, like the bird who adds twigs to her nest, and makes it a grand home, instead of a haphazard conglomeration of twigs.

The other course, which is truly just a fun one is learning guitar fundamentals, this is much more challenging, the the former classes, I have to preform, I am getting some headway, slow like a turtle, but, the turtle did beat the hare.

On  a personal of news, I finally was able to submit the Application for my fathers Alaska Native Allotment program, talk about red tape, still have some hurdles to overcome, but right now they are not under my control, yet.

I have reached out to my cousin and an Aunt in Kodiak, they seem to be all well, and my decision to extricate myself from Native issues and forget the whole thing, it is not my concern anymore, which is of great importance, as they will most likely sell the remaining land or the sharks will get it, but not my concern, I will die in the desert, unless, we are successful in the Native Allotment on Kodiak, Otherwise, I have resigned myself to remembering the good times.

that is a good  lead in to my next journey, since my dad, had visited me in a dream, Kodiak and Woody Island, so many fond memories, and none of them are tied to any Native Corporation or any individual buy many individuals.