well, I will tell you anyway, I am looking forward to reminiscing and remembering my past and sharing it on this webpage, but I am even more exited to start mapping out our family tree. from the bottom up, and start with the family that I know first, everybody should be able to have their own page, we shall see how that works out. I will need some help from family to dates and other info.

I had recently finished build a deck to a trailer home, not my favorite job, but it was not too bad, some of those manufacture homes are shoddy at best, this one actually had 2×6 wall, I have seen them with 2×2 walls, might as well live in a tent.

I am also getting used the idea of being a white Native, I mean, just because I am of indigenous heritage, does not mean that I have to become involved in the whole affair, not that I am denying or even abandoning my Native heritage, but the journey has been confusing in a way. I mean, where does it end? I have chosen the white path, well not in the way, that might be assumed, but by marrying and having children with a full blooded white woman, I have sealed the fate of my Native line.

I have had a education on my history and my family history, the most surprising, that I am more Native, on paper, than most of myancestors, except my Mom, I had no Idea, I am more Native than my father. he was 1/4, and maybe not even that, yet he was all in, he was raised in Orphanages as was the norm for many Alaska Natives of his age, I was told by his sister that he preferred the Orphanage to living with his family, a rather large family in a small home.

My original goal was to able to go to Kodiak at least once a year, but now, maybe that is too much. they sell raw land down here for dirt cheap, so maybe I can figure something out, or shall I say WE, can not forget sweet Mary, the love of my life and bane of my existence jk, anyway, we are not getting any younger. We would like to be Snowbirds, and northern Arizona is not far enough, but perhaps it will have to do, we would also like to be able to spend Summers in Garrison North Dakota, Seattle Washington, Anchorage, Alaska and Denver Colorado.