Family Names come and go, families come and go.  This piece of work ahhah my brother gilbert used to say ” he was a real piece of work” as in a piece of shit, anyway this one is about Those People in our lives, that are not their by birth, but by choice.

Let start with my Grandfather Howard Carlough who represented for the Monson Clan,  and then there was Oscar Monson who represented for the Thorlakson Clan, and then on my Dad Side, Kelly Simeonoff, who adopted my father into his clan for the Ingram Clan. These are exemplary things, to give a person a name, one he  can be proud of, I was always  proud of the Simeonoff name, and wore it like a badge. growing up, I had always thought that I wanted my own family and would never take a ready made family, as  take a wife, who already had kids, yes I was shallow AF.  still am in some ways, but Today I think a round of applause for the people who take these families under their cloak. Also just as great a task are all the Grandparents and Single Moms and Dads, who raise kids. hats off to all of you:)

So, I have been thinking about my whole Native bloodlines, and my company name, I have decided to change both my Name and my company name, a rebirth of sorts, not for any other reason, than my newfound acceptance  of me myself and EYE, lol, always have to throw that in, actually let me just say, having one eye, has been and experience, it is me, who I am, If I was giving the choice, I do not even think I would opt in for another eye, that works, always wanting a decent looking one, that is me vanity, not sure if it is vain, if you just dont want to look like a freak. ;/  I have opted for Our company to go with 2Tribes in honor of my fathers tribe Woody Island, it is another name, and my Mom’s Tribe Seldovia Village, and I will be changing my name to Richard Ephrem Ingram, not sure of the spelling of Ephiam, but that is the name on my father’s Alaska Native Role, his father Colin Ingram or Joseph Colin Ingram also had an adopted child, he was a fisherman and lived in Seldovia. I know there is more to this story, and hope to uncover more, the same with Thorlakson, but for now, I am at peace with the world and look forward to a new Beginning, and I hope the Simeonoff Clan and my family can see my reasoning, especially my favorite Auntie Tina, she is one of the smartest women I know, and would not ever want to be ad odds with her, or disrespect her.