Ok, my ignorance knows no boundaries! I have been looking into all this Alt right and Antifa stuff, I felt like I was in the dark, and I was and still am to a point. I am getting more convinced of a conspiracy in wake of the covid epidemic, but that is another story, perhaps later, but on the hunt for the next bill paying project. my better half would rather me sell off my prized drz, ouch, maybe, but that would be a band-aid, back to the story at hand. Remember, I am but one of the many ignorant sheep that abound. I try to be an educated sheep, and often, it leads me to being in contact with some… rather not so nice peeps. The Alt right, specifically a cat named Shepard and a few others have created some kind of base. These people say that they are Genetically superior to other peoples. This has been disproved of course, and anybody with half a brain, knows there are smart people from every gene pool and dumb as rock people, there is not a monopoly on stupid, or evil. Evil can spread without much help, just find some people, who can not work, or have no money, or just want fame. These Alt right people have an agenda, A New Government, Not America, that is right, they want the current America disbanded and a new white Country created. They do not want any (“United” States) it was a little disturbing, to see this still going on, it is being fueled by Americans, not complicit in the whole “white only” country, but complicit, nonetheless. how may you ask, it fuels their cause every time someone says all lives matter, They do of course, but somehow the left feels this a slap in the face. This is where my ignorance comes in. why would we need to say all lives matter? what purpose, are we offended, do they think only black lives matter? there are white slums, Latino slums, slums of all nationalities. the Alt right has no interest in the Constitution, where it says all men/Women are created equal, if the past is a predicter of the future, we could be in trouble. I feel a sense of uncertainty with the pandemic and our lack of response, or more importantly the lack of an educated response, let me go dark for a minute here, sorry, it what happens when there is confusion. Who is raking in Millions? who is benefitting, or who will eventually benefit, and where has the virus hit hardest? Big Business is raking in Millions, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, toilet paper manufactures, sanitizer maker, Doctors, Hospitals, and many more. raking in billions. I have had an avid interest in what really controls the government and economy for years, since I was first aware of free thought. One book in particular, about the super rich controlling American and the World. I still believe that, we are just sheep and the politicians are just fancy sheep in wolves clothing. WE the people do not control our government, no we are the sheep of our government. We get to vote, yes, cool, for who? A clear nut job, a dementia patient? the whole process is broken. maybe it is intended to keep fascist Nazis out of power, but it is broken. We are a liberated computer society now, why do we not act like it? A few things, why when someone contracts Covid, is there not a database, that has the location, and potential spots where it was contracted. real time reporting, but no, the emphasis is still on smoke screens, the Big Mask debacle, yes, I am against mask, but will wear them, here is why, and why we are required to wear them, You and Me are not trusted to sneeze cough or laugh spit without spreading germs, because we can not be trusted to cover our mouths, yes it is true. I do agree, we are incapable as society of covering our mouths, as a certified germaphobe, I see people all the time sneezing coughing and loud germ spewing spit talkers. Lowes even had over the loud speaker to cough into your shoulder, wtf, stupid big companies, would like nothing more than to keep this thing going. I tell you, they are raking in Millions. Home Depot did even better, they made so you had to wait in line, wtf. Yes, so your waiting in line, chatting touching, breathing the same air, when usually, you just have to get your shit and get out. how would making people wait in line, be anti-germ? I have been coughing into my shirt for years, I think the best way to keep germs to yourself, is when you need to sneeze or cough, lift open your shirt and cough into the body side of it. simple, easy, I also do not flush with my hands, EVER, NEVER. my shoes, as rag but never bare fingers , and never wash my hands, well not never ever, after a big dump… but that is avoided, the public restroom dump, unless all options are null. the doors and handles, never touch, and if you have to, try a spot that is less used, most people use the easy spot, not eye. ok, sorry, I was ranting. I hate being forced to wear something that is not only limited in its help, but gives a false sense of safety, I see people going to bars, thinking a mask will help them. if anything it will create more face touching and reliance on a faulty protection device. The Hitler rise to power, came under the same circumstance, we have to be at least open to the idea that, this has all been created by Man, to Man, for some bigger underlying agenda. whom? that is so far up in the air. Antifa, I do not think they have the ablity or money. no it is higher on the food chain, and yes perhaps it is all just coincidence, but as detectives often say, there are no coincidences, who gains most? why has there been a disproportionate of American Indians hit during all these pandemics? going back to the days of organized eradication, now the biggest hit, Navajo Nation, who is making the money on that affair? where is the money going? follow the money. I have longed believed that Cancer, and germ warfare has existed and continues to exist in America to this day. our Russian counterparts use poison, We would be much smarter, how do you prove, that cancer was injected into someone? or a disease or virus was not planted into a group of peoples, The first time? hardly. I know a little dark right? follow the yellow brick road, these Alt right, have no use for mixed breeds or other people, we will be the fist in line to the gas chamber. I have no Idea the extent of our Alt Right, but Antifa is right to play chess with them at every turn. My life depends on it. let me, let you on a little secret of mine, I can tell when I am accepted as white, even though mixed, or rejected as being mixed. Yes it is not hard, I always turn a blind eye towards the latter, but not a bling brain. I know, they know. I really do not see many of them, but I could be ignorant, not the first time, not the last. My stance on the whole subject, I am still proud to white and Native, and will defend both, at all times, I will never turn my back on my Native Heritage, never, or denounce my white genes. No it is not going to happen. Looking white has given me many opportunities, but they did not give me a free ride, no I had to work, learn and push myself to be better, never a token Indian, never. I considered myself better, faster and stronger, not because of genes, but because of character. Unless your born rich, well you have to get your ass moving on how to survive, many just turn to drugs, the streets are full of quitters and lost people. blah blah blah, let see. Ok my point after all that blah blah. are these people out there who say, All lives matter, part of the Alt Right? do they want the United States disbanded? do they think poor people living in squalor have the same chance as them? I can not fathom that thinking, but we all have our life experiences, I am just trying to pay my bills and stay above water, I am on the work Ferriss wheel just like most Americans, are we lucky to be on the wheel? so far it has been a decent life, but a life of work work work. I’m under the fire to pay and get paid. NO I have no time to go down and protest, I have bills to pay, I do not have much empathy for people I do not know, well superficial empathy. I am still held to the fire, If I quit working, in a matter of months, I will be homeless. Do you think BLM is my priority, not, most of us our in survival mode, pay work pay. I think we have to acknowledge this Alt Right for what it is, a step backwards in time, not far back, but back. I believe although all Men are created equal, we have differences, overcoming those differences should not be so difficult, if we want the same things, family, safety and an optimistic future, yet me know that happiness comes from within each persons self, that is not to say it is much easier if you have stability in life. life and the pursuit of happiness. We need to clarify that we do not believe that anyone is superior over others just because of skin color. well, maybe when it comes to livng in the desert, brown or black may be advantages, and light skinned more advantages in cold climates. smarter faster, well that is individual. h8t is a disease, but it is also a right, one that which our constitution gives us. does that mean it right, hell no. it is not. So not sure if all these Cops are great and white lives matter are all Alt right or just caught up in life and supporting being a legitimate human. That is one of my pet peeves, White has become a dirty word, yes it is true, like we should be ashamed of being white. I know i AM MIXED FU

We are judged more on our appearance, me look white, so judged as such, and proud to be from the North Sea and proud to be from Alaska, and it seems Chinese, well I have genome that matches up to he Huns, which is in Asia. not much but some, we all come from Africa, the black people should be proud. there should be nothing wrong with Origin pride, but, white pride? well, white and black are generic. brown, red, we all colors? we need to study the Hitler and Fascism’s of the past. there are things going on that are very suspicious. The disparity needs repair, not by knocking down statues, but making real progress, with the internet school, should no longer be a thing of the rich or well off, everbody should be able to study and learn the same material and get the same degrees. that is another conspiracy, how many people are ran out of schools unbeknownst to them by some Alt right professor or administration? how many? level the playing ground, start a the child level. no child should be abused, neglected or lost. the real issue should be ALL CHILDRED MATTER, we are sheep. Mass food or agri lives has had an adverse effect on health. where are we headed. what is the end game. should we not seek to make earth a life planet, where all life matters? bugs, snakes, rabbits all life. The Alt right is Hitler reincarnated, are you an Alt sheep?

Our freedoms have taken a hit. one little bit at a time. no real effort to stop the virus, just lip service. It is hard to believe they could make guns tanks warships and fighter planes, quicker than they could create databases, tests, and smart tracking. knowledge is power, they do not want you to be knowledgeable, just scared and unsure, I am, how bout you? who are they? it is not We the people, we just want to live and enjoy our lives. what happens as more people are put on the streets? where do you stand? I am not sure about anything I spout here, just that I am not for the Alt right, never, ever.

I do think that the reason I voted for trump are still valid, take care of American first, that means All Americans. when the emphasis is on illegals or Muslim countries that for the most part hate us, seems to be counterproductive, or even destructive. I pledged allegiance to our country growing up, that has not changed, but not to Nazis or dictators. I am just confused as most, trying to make sense of nonsense. blah blah blah

Keep your Eyes OPEN