Ok, so my diet has been making me feel real good, down to 170 lbs, give or take a few, still stuck at that weight, but I am shooting for 160, as that is the recommended from the government that sells sugar and flour poison to the masses

I am still eating beef, love the stuff, but am trying to move to grass only beef, which his a better meat and has less poison, and cost more, but having a hard time saying no to  beef, I have been eating more salmon, some farmed, as it has higher Omega 3’s, I know it is betrayal to all the fisherman, but it was a health and money choice. I have never liked salmon as a regular food, but have embraced it as a regular meal, and I am also eating pickled herring, it is delicious. they sell some good stuff at Costco, Vita, and some not so delicious pickled herring at Walmart, a little too firm, but good enough to eat.  I also am eating berries with unsweetened yogurt, preferably Organic, but they sell big tubs of the mountain high stuff for cheap, otherwise it is over 5bucks for a small tub. I am also eating unsweetened bakers chocolate, preferably 100% cocoa, along with some grapefruit, which is delicious.  Now some of your may say, that is disgusting, it is true, before I started fasting, I would not touch most of that, except the grapefruit, which is delicious, even with an overloaded palate, well probably opt for an orange, you see, when you eat all the great pastas, breads and sugars, you become accustomed to begin an eating machine. when you starve yourself for a week, and become weak,  you can drink some chicken broth, and it will not only be delicious, but you can feel the energy coursing through your veins.

This is not easy, I have been doing this off and on since 1995 and my fist Atkins diet, which is fabulous as a starter, but the key is a balanced healthy diet, and only enough calories to survive, you must find your zero.

What is your Zero, it is the amount of calories you burn daily, or weekly, but mostly daily. I doubt very much that you burn 2000 calories daily. I work construction, and if i eat that much, I gain weight.

we are all different, I have have a thyroid issue, due to the radiation, but that Modern medicine, chooses to ignore.  They would rather that I think I have cancer, and need more treatments and testing. Hospitals love lab rats, they make billions off of you everyday, we die seemlessly with no power over our own existence, but it starts years before, with that bowl of Capt Crunch or that fruit pie

Easy? no way, it will not be easy, it will be hard, there is no easy path to changing a lifetime of habits, and loves for some of the tastiest foods on earth.  this all has been ingrained into your life, as much as the air you breathe, you can not escape it with an easy fix, it takes a commitment, to be the healthiest human you can be, the smartest, the fastest, you deserve to feel great everyday, this all will and can be excruciating, even worse with a stressful life,

NOBODY WILL EMBRACE YOUR NEW Life, except you.  you are alone, you alone will need to find the love for yourself, be be all you can be. WHERE WILL IT LEAD, I have no Idea, Stress is chronic and even the best diet, will not help you, it will only make it harder, can  you just climb into a bubble to escape, fat chance, it may kill you as in murder by CORSTSOL, if you do want to change your life, and live longer, you must constantly monitor, how your body feels, how your feel after you eat something, you will need to find out what your body is missing, sometimes just sodium, sometimes more. you will be alone in your quest.  dark alone, you may find you are no longer tolerant of  abuse, mental or psychical, you may notice things more.  your brain will be attuned, it is why we eat, to distract us from our feelings. I try to keep busy, it is much better than food, it is life. keep pushing moving learning, there are lots of free information on the interenet, unfortunalty there are lots of gimmiks and sales gurus, it will not be easy, check the SCICENCE. we are machines, we need clean fuel. dont put dirty fuel in your body.