Ok, so my empathy has gotten away from me. the real story is that even as far back as medieval England, the poor have been expendable humans for the 1% of the rich landowners, this I learned from another great course from Wonderium, and in reality, it is not fair to vilify any people who just happen to be born on a better side of the tracks. We have all watched or heard of the rich heir to some fortune, or someone with oodles of cash, that lives like a pauper. And, there are the people who regardless of their life standing, rise up and shed the chains of poverty.

I do not find offense at any poor people, white, yellow, red, green or blue, hey blue people? really blue?

I am just having trouble with these giant corporations ruling all of our lives, to the food  we eat and the jobs we get, especially the hospitals, for profit, are you kidding me?

I have it pretty good, so, why complain, it is like Johnny cash says, or more correctly sings, he wears the black for everyman that suffers.

we are all just pawns in a giant game of chess.