yes, a viable option, as the new dog is a pack rat of sorts. I found one pair with the eyeglass missing, you want to know why I have so many pairs, well I am prone to misplacing things, but not at this level, the pretty boy Rhagar does have a penchant for taking my stuff, still have one missing tennis shoe, they were about to be scrapped, just happened sooner. the good news .most of them were cheap 2 for 89 pairs, but 2 were RayBan, one was a christmas present, dont sweat the small things. going to the doc today, they have a new thing where they steam the prostate… then it shrinks, nothing worse than having to pee and it feels like an IV drip. hahah well at least I have my mojo still.. no drugs for me, at least not until it is plugged up, or maybe this steam deal will work, can you imagine getting surgery and having me mojo erased! no way JOse,

A big shout out to Congressman Lewis, what a life, now that cat lived, and for a purpose, he had great tenacity he was a survivor, compared to that man, well no comparison, he did great things, I know that I have said this is not my problem per say, but the more I get into it, it is all our problem. We sit in our plush suburbs and go to our jobs without any worries, well I did get pulled over a few years ago, for a California stop, ad I was not happy, it was on my neighborhood street, I was like isnt there better things to do than set up stop sign patrols? anyway, what if they asked me to get out the car and then gave me a beating for not answered quick enough? what then? how would we feel then? well not good eye assume.

I could not sleep last night, got maybe 4 which is enough and eye feel good, but woke up and started watching a Netflix show about the LA riots 92, we were in Alaska, anyway, that was a real shit show. The thing that stand out the most, how they use a Black Cop to be part of the police force in the front lines, seems like a phoenix thing, hardly any black cops, but the leader is black, is this supposed to trick us, is this just another version of uncle TOM? I know I’m writing pretty dark, must be the doctor appointment, or the hour drive, or the lack of denaro’s to pay my ever increasing debt. maybe a lottery ticket… perhaps, the dream of having handfuls of cash or being debt free, it is the American way.. get in debt work til your ded. for some of us anyway. ten years of retirement if your lucky enough to live that long. 🙁