I found out that I had cancer after going to a local Primary care provider, it began an adventure I will never forget

I was working on the computer one day and noticed a small lump on my neck, it was not sticking out really, but it did not belong, or at least, I knew it was new, it felt like rubber and was the size of on egg.

So I went  down to get it examined, they did an localized scan or ultrasound, I left and did not hear back from them, after 2 weeks I decided to see what it was, I was sure it was just cyst, or some other benign malady, like a wart or pimple

I made an appointment and went in, the letter I got said it was either lymphoma or metastatic cancer, I had no idea what either of these meant, they did tell me, that the lymphoma was the good one to get, so thought it was lymphoma, after all, I felt fine, like the song “I feel fine”

they referred a doctor, who I will call doctor lack of empathy, but was to find out, it was not uncommon, and if I had to tough stangers all day long, day in and out, well, I may get a little on the casual side in that respect

I was on time at this appointment and the room was full of people, had to wait over an hour.

When I finally got to see this dktr, he asked if some students could watch, which is also a norm, lots of students trying, or practicing on people, these were just here to watch

He had to do what they call a  needle biopsy,  he jabbed a needle in my neck, very fast and hard, it was very painful, and sent me on my way.  my neck was now swollen and red. I knew I was not going back to him, I went back to work at a job I was doing in Gilbert.

I made an appointment with my primary to get the results and it was definitely Cancer.  The dktr wanted to schedule more stuff, I think he wanted to cut me open and get a real biopsy, I knew he was not my doc.

We decided to try to get into the Mayo, Mary had not luck, I called them up and told them  that I needed a biopsy, and my wife had good insurance, they scheduled me for an appointment.

My first Doctor was a  PA his name was Nagle, his dad was a concrete contractor, so I like him right away.  they wanted to do a needle biopsy too, but when they did it, they were kind with the needle, did not feel it hardly at all, they also used a camera to get look and get into the heart of the lymph node, as it was what was swollen.

This was night and day from the previous dktr. This also goes to show, just like everything else in life, buyer beware.

The Mayo got busy right away, they took my picture, assigned a team of doctors and started to plan my treatment.

I thought I was going to die, they did not know if they cancer had spread from my throat to my lymph nodes to my organs, brain or blood. they scheduled a PET scan.

I remember sitting at the store one day, feeling sorry for myself, my kids and my wife, I was going to die. I had no idea about different cancers at this time, My biggest fear was that I would never get to be  grandfather. (writing this now, I am getting a little emotional)

I did learn later that with throat cancer, there are 2 main types, one is from smoking and drinking and the other is from the HPV virus, which 75% of people contract, but do not have any symptoms.

I had been going through  a stressful situation with a customer who filed a complaint against my company for some flooring that we installed, she refused to let us address the situation, instat she filed a complaint with ROC  against my license.

She had purchased some cheap flooring, it was falling apart in the boxes and the edges that connect were crappy particle board, anyway, long story short,  they found nothing that was out of specs. the floor was level within industry norms, and they have a credit card test, the lip of adjoining pieces can not extrude past the credit card width.

During this same time I crashed my ranger  into the back of some lady’s car, she jumps out screaming at me, and i just said  I have insurance just call the cops, I was cited, but that was not the end of it, for the next 2 years I had to deal with her lawsuit. she claimed her neck was damaged. they settled the case  long after my treatment.