I am very pleased to hear the very positive and pro-active progress that Uganik Native Corporation has made considering the tools and resources available to you.  On behalf of the Afognak Native Corporation and as the Alternate Representative of the Afognak Joint Venture, I am looking forward to working with Uganik Native Corporation to bring our mutual goals to a satisfactory conclusion.


Our communication will start the ball rolling and you will be hearing from us soon.


Best regards,



Willie Hall

Chairman of the Board

Afognak Native Corporation




From: Richard simeonoff []
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2007 12:54 PM
To: Willie Hall


Willie, My name is Richard Simeonoff Jr. I am on the board of Directors for Uganik Native Corporation. We have a new board of directors. Uganik Natives would like more information on the options available to us regarding AJV. . here are is some contact information below. We have the Proposed Settlement agreement, That is all we have. We do not know the current value of the land or the size of the parcels. The proposal mentions reforestation as well as the exxon spill and some litigation with old harbor. what is the current numbers on all of this? has the land appreciated since the withdrawal process. Unfortunately we do not have very much information. We as a board were unaware of any deals my father Richard SR had been involved with. His main concern was the money offered was sub par and the big trees had been logged on these parcels already. we would really like to get the ball rolling any help would be appreciated.