So, I have been watching more World war 1 and 2 videos, One of them featuring Winston Churchill, was quite poignant, was real eye opening for me. We often think about the world in different aspects, he was under a lot of pressure to surrender to Germany, this was during the Dunkirk fiasco. Surrender, can you imagine? what the world would be like, now with DNA, they would probably be at the point of elimination anyone not of pure Aryan blood, or at the very least in slave camps. Alaskan Natives were declared “Native” with as  little as 1/16 Native, but try to get benefits with that blood quantum today! of all the people we should thank in History, it is Winston, this was a great human. We Americans, wanted little to do with another war, can you imagine, if the Japanese had not attacked us at pearl harbor. Another good thing, Hitler was an imbecile, in everything except for how to control the masses. I like to believe our Creator had a hand in saving humanity, from the darkness of the master race. so many things could have gone his way, if not for his ego and incompetence, with a lot of luck on our side. I can see how the japanese ruler came to power, the good old emperor system. Mussolini, wow, he was a dumb as crack head at best, my whole quandy, HOW THE HELL DID THESE IMBECILLES GO ON TO LEAD AND CONTROL WHOLE NATIONS?  the sad truth of this whole matter, is the playbook they used, is the playbook for all politicians, humans are not people, but tools, tools to use. where is the humanity? so to become a political leader,  manipulation is much more important than competence, because we are all sheep. how dare I, insult my own intelligence, or lack thereof. It really is scary, this is what I see in all the political lying, there is plenty to go around. lie, cheat steal.

my hats off to the Winston Churchills of the world. I recently met a german, he was visiting his daughter, he was in agreement, it is the government, to blindly follow any government, can never be a good Idea.  I just fear for the next world War, when all the oil is gone…. I think really the only thing that stands between another World War is compassion and empathy for all people. somehow humans need to make the world a fair life for everyone.

The key point, is this whole system, puts us in a bind, we are forced to pay, pay and more pay, no jobs or opportunity, that makes people much easier to manipulate, fear, fear and more, yes, fear.

keep the humans off balance. keep them at odds. Rich man poor man