But this tuesday will be forever gone, what are you doing today human? I submitted plans yesterday, well tried, they had me do some changes, they have a new building in Pinal County, a new sheriff in town, they are becoming just like all the other bureaucratic cities, take a page from Tempe, rude frontline clerks, my text was too small, it was readable, but I guess not scanable, as I sat there waiting for over an hour, they came out and told me the bad news, but as I was sitting there, I did think, hmm that is awful small, you know I waste more time, trying to use my old drawing blocks than it takes to just redraw them, big dummy 🙂 so she was right, but to my credit, when I first started doing jobs in  PInal County over 15 years ago, let see actually 17 years to be exact, I got a job, where the original contractor split, and the plans I inherited, were all on one piece of paper, hand written and then photo copied. But progress, and I happen to know the 2 good inspectors retired in the last couple of years, no now we have that nightmare to deal with also.  I did notice one thing, the only person that I recognized was the plan reviewer, she was under much more duress than I remember her, hope she gets out soon too. I could feel the bad vibes, the queen leder was all decked out in her office, anyway, it was ok, I got slightly ruffled, as that is my nature, but they were imperfect, a lot of drafting for a detached garage. progress, o well so let it be written, let it be done, here is my plans, yes I am not much on style, just mostly trying to get a permit.

well that is that maybe a few more changes, 14 days, that will give me some time to plan for the future, just like buzz lightyear and woody.