Ok, so I am an Alaskan Native, yes it is true. So, here is the scenario, our small village of 30 original shareholders, about he size of Eklutna Native corporation near Anchorage, at least at the start of the Claims Act in 1972, when I was 10 years old. I have many issues with this, as you will see, anyhoo, The amount of land that Eklutna has gotten was 100 times for than our small corporation, because a local tool Omar Stratman was used to make sure the local Natives did not get a fair quota of land, but that is not my topic, but I can’t help myself, I just hate being cheated, and we were cheated, even for years afterward, the local jurisdiction made us pay taxes on our land, afterall we were a  corporation. The real topic is this, Our little corporation had been given some money from the government for the Covid “crisis”  I had applied, since I did not apply for the PPP or any other of the many programs that were offered for small business, I have no problem taking Alaska Native money, as I know we were cheated and continue to be cheated. So the first thing after filling out their form, which required much more than our Regional Corporation, and even required and ID picture,  and proof of our losses, I have had losses, after a gross of about 100k for 2019, my gross has slipped easily below 30k even lower, but dont want to depressed at my lack of taking slave labor, that with my added medical bills, which was also another topic to  added after I get to my point, so they keep sending out these emails, I dont have time to deal with it and do not think they will send any money to  help anyone but themselves, but maybe…. so I get this URGENT email, they are sending out checks next friday, that was  month ago, nothing ever came, to be expected, but instead, I get in the mail, proxies, proxies, are you kidding me, wtf? proxies?  is this legal, it is bad enough, we fall for the the Grand prize lottery bullshit the rest of them are able to pull off to get Natives to vote. lets see, maybe if I vote, I will get some Covid relief? fat chance, that is it, that is me main topic. My parent were divorced when I was ten years old, do you know what year that was, it was 1972, right around the time of the Alaska State Settlement ACT, my dad, although he thought he was Native and was raised Native, he was mostly genetically white. My mom wanted to enroll us in Ciri and Seldovia, which would have been much better. Cheated again, and the Uganik deal, well cheated for years and it continues, but it is not the fault of the participants, this was planned by the white creators of ANSCA, The lawyers, and you can not blame the Native leaders, they would have taken anything. We and the Woody Island tribe lost thousands of Acres of land, because we did not occupy that land. This was done after all the efforts to assimilate the native into “White Society” get us jobs, get us fancy clothes and make us pay rent on “our land”  live in America, brainwashed into thinking we were American too, but just as cheap workers in the canneries, and when you want more money, well we will ship in some Filipinos to work cheaper. This is the American way, it is going on in Arizona right now, just try and get a construction job at our local union, nightmare.

so you tell me corrupt or ignorant, or perhaps a third option, criminal?

The biggest cheat of all Americans is the current state of health care in America, this is the biggest sham the world has ever seen, the food supply is tainted, we are all  Obese, My reasoning, is our baseline weight, “average” weight is overweight, look around, we all carry big fat bellies. or were gobbling sugar as our main food source. they put sugar in everything, beef jerky included.

I had got to thinking lately, without drinking, I would most likely be dead, I know you would think to the contrary, but the stress of this life, would have turned me into either a monster or killed me from acute stress.  let see if I can post something less depressing…..